Zwipe Records Largest Quarterly Order of Biometric Payment Cards and Expects More to Follow


Zwipe has received a commercial order for its technology to enable smart card makers to produce biometric payment cards from what it says is one of the largest smart card makers in the world.

The order for the Zwipe Pay platform is approximately $225,000 with shipping scheduled for Q4 2022.

The deal represents the largest-ever commercial order in a quarter for Zwipe, but is only part of a larger volume order expected from the same customer in 2023. The manufacturer has accelerated its progress toward readiness for production, Zwipe says, to deliver high volumes of biometric payment cards for key growth markets in Europe.

The anonymous card maker ships tens of millions of payment cards worldwide each year, according to the announcement.

Tag Systems, which is part of the Austriacard group which manufactures 100 million payment cards per yearaccording to a 2021 announcement, received approval from Mastercard to deploy biometric cards using Zwipe Pay just a few weeks ago.

“It is encouraging to see the growing commitment from one of the largest smart card manufacturers to launch more biometric payment cards from 2023 with Zwipe,” said Zwipe CEO and President, Robert Puskaric. “Visa’s certification of our platform in March and Mastercard’s approval in August of this year further accelerated our customers’ interest in bringing their next-generation payment cards to market through an ongoing partnership with Zwipe. .”

The deal significantly boosts Zwipe’s revenue, after the company reported revenues of NOK 800,000 (about $75,000) for the first half of 2022.

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