Zumigo deRiskify verifies the identity of the owner of the mobile and the payment card for all transactions

Zumigo has launched deRiskify, an app on the Shopify platform to help merchants detect fraud in consumer online purchases.

The online e-commerce industry has seen fraud increase dramatically every year. With today’s launch, merchants can now seamlessly install Zumigo’s unique new tool to detect fraud when consumers make online purchases on the Shopify platform. This unique anti-fraud tool verifies the identity of the mobile card and payment card holder for all transactions, allowing merchants to control their costs and chargebacks, while reducing the risk of fraud.

“SCOOTY is a leading micro-mobility company providing the public with easy and affordable access to electric scooters and bicycles,” said Shoaib Ahmed, Founder and CEO of SCOOTY. “We are an established merchant selling on Shopify, and after implementing the Zumigo deRiskify system, we have had successful sales and are now able to gauge the quality of transactions. I wish we had deRiskify when we started !

deRiskify provides real-time critical order risk indicators, allowing merchants to verify if an order was placed by a genuine customer by verifying identity across multiple vectors, including authoritative name and address matching a mobile number, confirmation of physical possession of the mobile, mobile proximity, name and address matching a credit card, and other speed-based indicators to flag potential fraud in e-commerce orders. Using the order risk indicators provided by deRiskify, merchants can now fulfill orders quickly with increased trust from a genuine customer, reduced fraud, and reduced risk of chargebacks.

deRiskify extends Zumigo’s phone identity capabilities to consumer online purchases made on the common standard Shopify platform, and is available to all merchants in an easy plug-and-play wizard with no months of onboarding required by other online fraud solutions. deRiskify is not based on online consumer behavior, shopping habits, or other fuzzy techniques that can lead to significant fraud, false positives, and chargebacks. Instead, deRiskify uses several authoritative techniques, which makes it more accurate in detecting fraud and eliminating false positives.

“deRiskify is an industry-unique solution that provides merchants with more accurate online fraud detection capabilities and enables them to generate more e-commerce revenue while reducing their risk,” said Chirag Bakshi, CEO and Founder. by Zumigo. “Protecting consumers’ mobile identity is Zumigo’s core principle and business. Our customers turn to us because billions of dollars are at stake due to fraudulent online purchases.

As the leading provider of mobile identity data protecting over 120 million consumers from online account fraud, Zumigo has worked with major financial institutions and e-commerce retailers for several years to protect their customers and their accounts. adding an extra layer of identity protection and verification via their mobile phone numbers.

Zumigo’s Global Identity SaaS Platform is a cloud-based service that integrates with merchant processing systems, in this case the Shopify platform, to verify user identities to prevent fraud . Discrepancies in cell phone and account information are promptly reported, saving Zumigo customers significant expense from fraudulent account creation with stolen or synthetic credentials, and wire transfer or other fraud fraudulent payment. Zumigo’s identity verification solutions validate the mobile user’s true identity and ownership of credit cards presented for online purchases.

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