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Zinger Technologies said its Zinger Wallet payment option, designed to help organizations maximize profits, will put its users ahead of their competitors.

In a statement, the company said the portfolio achieves this by minimizing costs, managing people and resources, and retaining and increasing productivity at the same time.

He noted that Zinger is a platform that helps businesses receive payments reliably, quickly, and cheaply while making it easier to manage staff, departments, and customers.

He added that because customers want seamless services at little or no cost while receiving gifts and rewards for their loyalty, Zinger offers them an easy and innovative way to make payments and manage their finances.

“With Zinger Wallet, business owners and individuals can view aggregate data on their income, expenses, customers, staff, services, and more to help them make business decisions and strategies.

“We have zero fees on all bill payments and have cheaper plans than those offered by service providers. Zinger also provides businesses with a customer loyalty module called Voucher System which allows businesses to provide certain customers and customer demographics of vouchers to increase repeat purchases and loyalty,” the company said.

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Elaine R. Knight