When will I receive my one-time disability benefit of £150?

ON May 26, 2022, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £15 billion support package aimed at alleviating the cost of living crisis.

It includes a reduction on energy bills for everyone and a one-off payment to the poorest households. But how much will you save and what happens with the disability benefit?


Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £15billion support package aimed at easing the cost of living crisisCredit: Getty Images – Getty

When will I receive my one-time disability benefit of £150?

In autumn 2022, around six million people across the UK will receive a one-off payment to support people with disabilities who face additional and increased costs.

In September 2022, a payment of £150 will be made to those receiving the following disability benefits:

  • Disabled allowance
  • Payment for personal independence
  • Attendance allowance
  • Scottish invalidity benefits
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Constant attendance allowance
  • War pension mobility supplement

Individuals claiming the additional payment must receive or have started a possibly successful claim for one of these benefits by May 25, 2022 in order to be eligible.

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For many people who are already on disability benefit and on means-tested benefits, the sum will be added to the £650 they receive separately.

Payments will be tax-free, will not count towards the benefit cap, and will have no impact on existing benefit allocations.

The government will make these payments directly to those who are eligible across the UK.

How much will my energy bill be reduced?

As part of the cost of living bailout, the Chancellor announced that all households would receive a £400 grant to help households pay their spiraling energy bills.

In May 2022, the boss of energy regulator Ofgem said households could see their energy bills soar to £2,800. one year in October.

Support of £200 was announced earlier this year, which will be doubled and the full payment of £400 will be made as a grant, which will not be recovered by higher bills in future years, as planned previously.

The support will be issued to households with a household electricity meter by energy suppliers over six months from October 2022.

Credit and direct debit customers will see the funds credited directly to their accounts while those on prepayment meters will see the money paid via a voucher or applied to their meter.

It will apply directly to households in England, Scotland and Wales, is Britain-wide and equivalent support that will be provided to people in Northern Ireland.

Should I refund the money?

The previous plan was a rebate scheme, with the £200 energy bill rebate due to come into effect from October 2022.

Labor criticized the scheme, calling it a “poorly designed loan scheme, buy now, pay later”.

But that energy bill lending will now be on hold, and Mr Sunak said changes in the outlook for energy prices have changed the government’s approach:

“Since then the outlook for energy prices has changed, I have heard people’s concerns about the impact of these refunds on future bills, so I have decided that these refunds will be waived.

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“I have decided that these refunds will be cancelled,” the Chancellor said, adding: “This support is now unambiguously a grant.”

As the double payment is now made as a grant, the amount will not need to be repaid.

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