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United Thinkers Announces Webinar on Implementing a Payment Gateway Solution

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Sept. 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York, NY – (September 22, 2022): United Thinkers, a New York-based commercial open source payment management software provider, announces a webinar on setting up a payment gateway solution for its customers and prospects, covering the most important phases and aspects of the process.

United Thinkers continues its payment technology webinar series for businesses looking to generate additional revenue from payment services. The next webinar will cover the evergreen topic of “How to Own a Payment Gateway”. It will cover ways to organize your own payment gateway solution, implementing a white label payment gateway product, partnerships and features you need to consider during this process, as well as significant delays and significant costs. During the webinar, the company’s leading payments specialists will explain how to overcome the main challenges that a company faces when implementing its own payment gateway solution.

United Thinkers regularly helps merchants, platforms, subscription businesses, and other types of businesses that want to offer gateway services in addition to their core products. It turns out that even large companies often underestimate the complexity of the payment gateway implementation process. The upcoming webinar will provide the necessary guidance, summarizing over a decade of United Thinkers experience in the field, and will complement the already available arsenal of the company’s educational resources, such as the Paylosophy blog, topical white papers and the guides, as well as YouTube channel with fun and informative videos.

“We’ve been helping businesses make money on payment gateway services for quite some time. Judging from our experience, the best way to convey important information to your customers is through personal communication. says United Thinkers President Eugene Kipnis “So in response to many requests from those who are considering using our product, we decided to become more interactive and launch a series of webinars on the most relevant topics regarding the payment technology implementation.. This upcoming webinar will help our future customers find answers to all potential questions regarding payment gateway implementation, decide if our payment gateway software product is right for their business and understand how the platform can help them solve their specific business problems.

United Thinkers hosts payment technology webinars regularly, at least once a month. The webinar on how to own a payment gateway is the second in the series. Registration for the webinar is available via the main page of our website: https://unipaygateway.com/webinars/how-to-have-your-own-payment-gateway-2022/

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