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In the bustling metropolis of Lahore, a new housing project City of Victoria Lahore was launched at the premium Main Canal Road location. This company is a fantastic addition to the Lahore property market, adding value and elegance to the city. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that one could ask for in a dream home.

The Sheranwala Group has designed and will build the Victoria City Lahore. There are many Sheranwala Group resellers, but the developer’s preferred, most trusted and authorized reseller is CDB Properties. So, if you are looking for investment opportunities in Victoria City Lahore, CDB Properties is the place to go.

CBD Properties is a leading real estate platform where you can consult, decide and buy the properties of your choice. They monitor market trends and anticipate future events for a variety of properties. They work hard to keep their audience updated on the best time to buy or sell your home, land/shops, etc., so you can make an informed decision without any confusion.

The future of real estate in Lahore has come with the launch of Victoria City! CDB Properties is revolutionizing the Pakistani market with its cutting-edge investment opportunities.

Ever since the developer, Sheranwala Group revealed a pre-launched pricing plan for residential and commercial properties, investors are looking for opportunities to invest in Victoria City Lahore as it enjoys capital growth, passive income , stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification and leverage.

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I would like to commend Sheranwala Group because due to their credibility in the market, reputation and delivering their past project on time with commitment, we have no problems with the sale. [properties] in Victoria City Lahore,” says the CEO and co-founder of CDB Properties Waqas Nasir. “Due to the reputation of the Sheranwala Group, customer response has been excellent so far”he added.

The company is equipped with state-of-the-art security system, world-class gymnasium, spacious parking lot, etc. The location is also very convenient as it is close to all the important sites in the city. So, if you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable home in Lahore, then Victoria City Lahore is the perfect option.

Since Victoria City Lahore offers pre-launched prices, customers will not lose the benefits of the initial booking. This applies to all commercial land with a view of the main boulevard.

Payment Plans

Victoria City Lahore commercial and residential property payment plans have been designed to be cost effective enough to ensure they are in the best interest of the clients.

With this payment plan that launched earlier, residential and commercial payments can be made through a four-year installment plan with just one down payment. The second installment, usually due at the time of form submission, has now been removed from the pre-launched installment plan for commercial and residential properties. For a complete installment guide, you can see their detailed payment plans.

Development fees will be released by the developer in the future. This payment plan illustrates the cost of land.

For those who haven’t made up their mind yet, note that the pre-launch price is for a limited time and can be changed at any time in days or weeks. This is the perfect opportunity to contact CDB Properties if you wish to acquire residential or commercial land. And get your property back before it’s too late!

About the developer:

Sheranwala Group is a reputable name in Pakistan’s real estate market, especially since it has delivered a number of projects in Lahore. Now they are back in full force as they have just announced their new company named “Victoria City Lahore”. Sheranwala Group has always had a great reputation and credibility in the real estate market due to its outstanding work, which is why investors are already interested in this project.

About CBD properties:

CDB Properties is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage companies in Pakistan. Real Estate offers professional services for the sale and purchase of houses, land, shops and malls and various other types of property. With its unparalleled expertise in the industry, Real Estate meets all your needs related to leasing and property management.

Those interested can visit CBD Properties website or contact them directly at +92 (333) 111-5100 or +92 (333) 111-5200 for more information.

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