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Posted on April 5, 2022 by Catherine Sevenau

Chapter 30: 1947 • Sonora ~ Larry’s Diary Continuation

1947 • Larry’s Diary (age 13)
February 1st Today, I took the two routes for Mr. Mouron. I also looked at a few bikes as I hope to buy one. I bought more stamps for the collection.
February 2 I went for a little walk. I also took a bath the day before yesterday and one today.

February 3 I made a $10 payment on a new $50 bike. I drove a little.
February 4 Today I bought a “book” which contained various things.
February 5 Today I bought more stamps. I bought a cardboard globe from the Livingstons shoe store. I also had chewing gum (50 cents) at two cents apiece.
February 6 Today I went to the Boy Scout meeting. Heard the standard school broadcast and rehearsed Boy Scout week for tomorrow.
February 7 Today a lady tipped me 50 cents on my morning paper route and said, “You’re the best paperboy I’ve ever had and I hope I don’t won’t lose. » I got my report card.

February 8 Today I went to Redwood City to visit the Days. I bought stamps.
February 9 Today I went for a walk in Redwood City. Bob and Trula live behind Verda and George. Grandmother Chatfield was also visiting.
February 10 I missed school because the family did not return from Redwood City (130 mile trip) until 2 p.m. I delivered the morning papers in the afternoon.
February 11th I bought a boy scout shirt. I got my Tenderfoot badge.
12 February There was a school play. I bought my troop number (62). It rained today.
February 13 Today I bought valentines, I went to Pat’s. Got a boy back on Union Democrat route #5 that I had to take yesterday.
February 14th I have 29 valentines at school. End of scout week.

February 15 Today I bought a scout compass and a scout whistle. Packed papers for scouts. I’m starting to learn Morse code.
February 16 The dog that lived next door was killed by a car near Pat’s house. We buried him in the cemetery.
February 17 Today I bought myself a pair of levis and a sweater. Sorted stamps. Was a minute late for school.
February 18 Today I went to Pat’s and learned the Semaphore flag code for my second scout class.
February 19 Today is Ash Wednesday so I laid ashes at the church for a one hour mass. Carleen came into my room and took 15 packets of gum.
February 20 Today I went to the Boy Scout meeting. I bought stamps.
the 21st of February Today I went to the basketball game.

February 22 Today I went to the fireman’s ball as a locker room boy, never got home until 4am. Pat Conway and 15 sailors came to our house.
February 23 Today I overslept and never woke up until 8 am. I took cash to go to Pat’s ($11.02). The sailors left
February 24 Today I counted my books and I have a sum of 147 pounds including wallets. I have a piece of plywood for my bed (too soft).
February 25 Today I cleaned up and rearranged my room a bit. Father bought a radio. As soon as I have enough money, I can buy him.

To be continued…

Catherine Sevenau is a writer, comedian and storyteller living in Sonoma. The stories in this series are excerpts from his book, Through any door, a family memoryon

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