Three officials involved in the payment of suspended EAs

Following the successful implementation of cash transfers to schools for the payment of education assistants (EA) and general assistants (GSA) allowances in December 2021, three officials from the Ministry of Education of the Eastern Cape involved in the payment debacle have been suspended.

Department spokesman Malibongwe Mtima confirmed that this follows the discovery of discrepancies during reconciliation of payments to schools. He said the discrepancies discovered include non-payment of some participating schools (Special Section 20 schools), underpayment of schools and payment of schools that have withdrawn from the initiative.

“The disciplinary proceedings are for breach of their duties regarding bad payments to schools. This consequence management process is intended to enable smooth internal investigations. In addition, the payment would also subject the transfer payment system to forensic investigation, ”said Mtima.

He added that School Governing Bodies (SGBs), principals and circuit directors have been instructed to ensure that any payment received is used for the intended purpose, namely only the payment of allowances for children. EA and GSAs in accordance with the grant framework.

According to him, SGBs and principals of schools that received overpayments were instructed not to use the excess for purposes other than PEYI, and non-participating schools that received payment in error. were asked not to use the money until further notice from the ministry. .

“Schools that have not received any payment and those that have been underpaid would be included in the next race which should take place soon. In addition, circuit directors were tasked with consolidating reports from their respective schools (circuit) and submitting these reports to the district director who in turn would submit a consolidated district report to head office.

According to Mtima, the ministry is urging schools that have been overpaid to submit salary notices and salary receipt records from EAs and GSAs and would be informed of the processes to follow once the reconciliation is finalized by the provincial office. He added that all schools are required to submit this information to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on January 10 of this year.

“The department sincerely apologizes to all special schools, Section 20 schools and all other schools that were mistakenly omitted from the payment cycle, but they would be included in the next schedule,” said Mtima.

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Elaine R. Knight