Thousands of Irish set to receive €5,000 payout launched today – are you eligible?

THOUSANDS of Irish people are ready to receive a €5,000 payment which was launched today.

Here’s everything you need to know about who qualifies for this payment and how to apply.


Young people can apply for a scholarship of up to €5,000Credit: Alamy

A scholarship program has been launched to give young people with experience of care a financial boost to cover the cost of their education.

Tusla, the Child and Family Agency launched the program and applications opened today.

The program, now in its second year, provides a cash injection to people over the age of 18 to help them achieve their career goals.

Young people with care experience, who do not receive any financial support for their studies from another public source, can apply for a scholarship of up to €5,000 to finance a third level course or to buy the necessary materials or equipment .

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A total of €750,000 in funding from dormant accounts has been secured in 2022 by Tusla to provide educational support to children in care and young people in aftercare.

Speaking about the launch yesterday, Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman said: “I am delighted to support the launch of the 2022-2023 Scholarship and Training Scheme.

“While there are very strong supports for formal third-level courses, this program aims to address the need for support for other, often shorter, courses that are part of the progressive stages for young people building their careers. .

“In such cases, this scholarship program will be of real practical benefit and will improve access to educational opportunities.”

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The launch couldn’t come at a better time for young people, with the cost of living currently rising faster than ever.

Last year, the Tusla scholarship program committee approved 136 applications and just under €185,000 was awarded to young people to support their education or training.

Speaking at the launch, Kate Duggan, National Director of Services and Integration at Tusla, said: “In order to meet the individual needs of those experienced in care, funding is available for a wide variety of courses and training, such as third-level courses, apprenticeships as well as training-related equipment.”

The deadline for submitting applications is October 28, 2022 and further information can be found on the Tusla website.

One of the recipients of last year’s program is Clara O’Shea-Collins of Co. Wicklow.


Speaking about the program and the support she has received, Clara said: “I’m thrilled – it’s an amazing opportunity!

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get anything, so it’s definitely worth applying.”

Meanwhile, thousands of Irish people are ready to go on welfare after the announcement of a major change in means testing.

Farmers who benefit from agri-environmental schemes will not see their social benefits impacted after changes to the farm aid review.

A spokesman for the Department of Social Care said: “As a result of these changes, an income disregard will now be applied to department agricultural aid, jobseeker’s allowance and pensions. (non-contributory) from the State.

“Introducing a revenue disregard to these schemes is intended to incentivize more farmers to participate, in line with the government’s climate change objectives.

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“Subsidies under these agricultural schemes benefit from the maximum exemption of €2,450, the balance being assessed at 50%.

“Thus, for example, a farmer who receives a subsidy of €2,000 would not see his social assistance impacted in any way.”

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