The Ministry of Defense will develop a centralized payment system for the armed forces

The Department of Defense Accounts (DAD) of the Ministry of Defense is developing a centralized system for the armed forces and other defense institutions which have different legacy systems for their salaries, allowances, pensions and gratuities, Rajnish Kumar said , the Comptroller General of Defense Accounts (CGDA) on Wednesday.

Kumar on Wednesday visited the office of the Chief Defense Auditor (Officers) in Pune, where he presided over the inauguration of various projects and addressed officials.

“We have various verticals like wage and personal claims, vendor payments, internal audit, pensions and others. All these verticals will be integrated into the centralized system. We worked on all aspects of the new system, including cybersecurity. We expect to complete the system by the end of the current fiscal year. By incorporating various AI tools, we will have an infallible, safe and efficient centralized system. A dedicated system to make third-party seller payments will start operating at the end of the month,” he added.

Chief Defense Comptroller (Officers) Dr. Rajeev Chavan, Assistant Comptroller Lehana Singh and Assistant Comptroller T Satish Kumar were present on the occasion.

Asked about the problem of more than 58,000 military veterans not receiving pensions in April, CGDA Rajnish Kumar said it was because these veterans were unable to complete the annual certificate submission process. of life. The non-payment of these pensions was unrelated to the new pension administration system – Raksha – also known as SPARSH.

“Veterans were supposed to upload their life certificate to the SPARSH system for verification by November last year and the deadline was extended to April this year. But many were unable to do so by the end of April. Because the system is automated, they did not receive their pension, but after receiving complaints from veterans, a one-time waiver was granted to avoid hardship and payments were made within 48 hours. now asked to complete the procedure by providing life certificates this month,” he said.

Kumar said that SPARSH has successfully paid pensions to more than five lakh military veterans who retired after 2016. coming years, he said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday asked defense retirees who have not yet completed their annual identification and life certificate, to complete the process by May 25 to ensure the proper processing of their monthly pensions. The Ministry of Defense said that according to data updated on May 17, as many as 43,774 retirees who migrated to SPARSH have not completed their annual identification, either online or through their respective banks. . In addition, nearly 1.2 lakh of legacy retirees and pre-2016 retirees, who continue to benefit from the old pension system, have not completed their annual identification through any of the available means, a- he declared.

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Elaine R. Knight