Thames Technology Unveils Europe’s First Metal Payment Card Factory

The first metal payment card production plant in Europe was inaugurated by Thames Technologyone of Europe’s largest credit and retail card manufacturers, at its headquarters in Rayleigh, Essex.

The unveiling took place at its open house on Tuesday, November 8, which was attended by more than 100 customers and other industry professionals as well as several local borough council dignitaries.

The £3.5 million investment by Thames Technology’s parent company, Paragon ID, in the new metal card production facility illustrates the commitment to grow the business. This follows the £1.9million investment the company made last year in a digital card printing press which is another first of its kind in Europe and plays an important role in the process. production of metal cards.

The Fusion Metal Card is the first dual-interface metal card to be manufactured at the new production facility. The luxurious card is made from a pure stainless steel core with an ultra-thin PVC layer on the front and back.

The card is perfect for high volume issuance for mass market applications. Weighing 14 grams, it gives a heavier feel and a cooler touch. At the same time, its dual interface and “tap on both sides” functionality provide a great user experience. It is ideal for banks or card office providers looking to add elegance and exclusivity to their financial card portfolio.

Che Colford, Managing Director of Thames Technology, said: “Thames Technology is proud to have Europe’s first metal payment card production plant, and this is a testament to our dedicated and hardworking team, and our parent company Paragon ID’s continued investment in new technology and innovation. ‘innovation. We are pleased to be able to offer our banking and financial services customers the opportunity to provide their premium customers with an even greater experience.

Clem Garvey, CEO of Paragon ID, said: “This is a momentous occasion for both Thames Technology and the entire Paragon ID team, as we are proud to have become the leading producers of metal payment cards in Europe. This demonstrates our commitment to continuously developing and investing in our offerings to always ensure that we provide our customers with the latest innovative solutions.

Production of the new cards is carried out in a new modular cleanroom environment, limiting potential airborne particles to ensure the cards are not damaged at any point in the production process.

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Elaine R. Knight