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About 50,000 scholarship students will receive a double payment on December 16.

The measure, announced in last month’s budget, means those who receive child support payments will receive an additional payment ranging from €56 to €679, depending on the rate they are entitled to.

Additionally, students who have paid the full €3,000 student contribution for 2022/23 will receive a €1,000 refund from the college they are attending over the next few weeks.

This is in light of the budget announcement which lowered the student contribution charge on a one-time basis for all students to €2,000.

No action is required on the part of the student to benefit from the reduced rate. However, third-tier colleges have been asked to process refunds for those who prepaid before the budget announcement by contacting eligible students this week and requesting the account details needed to process a refund.

Students are required to provide these details by November 30 in order to receive a refund before Christmas.

Students eligible for a 50% student contribution grant from Susi (Student Universal Support Ireland) will benefit proportionately and receive a credit of €500 (from €1,500 to €1,000) of the value of the student contribution awarded to them. is due. Pay.

Further and Further Education Minister Simon Harris said the measures were aimed at putting more money back in the pockets of students.

“These are practical measures to help students and families with the cost of education and the cost of living in general,” he said. “If you haven’t paid your fees, they will be removed from your bill, and if you have any, your college will contact you to make sure you get your money back.”

Rent credit

In addition, the Government is studying the possibility of extending a rent credit of €500 to parents who pay for their children’s student accommodation.

Most students were excluded from the rent tax refund announced in last month’s budget on the grounds that the announcement applies to taxpayers – but many students do not earn enough to pay rent tax. revenue.

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe is examining whether the rent tax credit can be granted to those who make payments on behalf of their children. An announcement on whether this is possible is expected by Tuesday, when the Finance Bill will be presented to Cabinet.

In addition, a financial package to help unlock student housing developments on university campuses must also be presented to Cabinet.

While universities have planning permission for thousands of additional student beds on campus, they say they cannot afford to move the plans forward because they are not financially viable.

Under plans prepared by Mr Harris, the state would partly fund these developments in return for guarantees that beds are available at “affordable” rates.

It is understood that a number of options are being explored, ranging from ensuring that all beds in on-campus developments are provided at an affordable rate, or that a proportion of beds are set aside for lower rates for students subject to means testing.

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Elaine R. Knight