Stimulus payment is coming: $1,000 could hit Florida residents’ bank accounts. | Richard Scott

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A stimulus payment worth $1,000 could hit the bank accounts of Florida state residents (if they meet the eligibility criteria) as inflation in Florida worsens, oil prices soar gasoline and skyrocketing rent and house prices.

Governor Ron DeSantis (state governor) has approved a plan that is part of the new state budget of a $100 million bounty for first responders in Florida.

According to this plan, Florida residents who belong to fields such as paramedics, law enforcement officers, firefighters, police officers, sheriff’s deputies and emergency medical technicians will receive a payment of a bonus of $1,000.

In November 2021, this bonus plan for our first responders was offered. This is the second year in a row as the same first responder bounty plan was observed the previous year.

On March 31, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis said, “Our first responders work tirelessly to protect and serve our communities. While other states have turned their backs on law enforcement and first responders, Florida has continued to support them. These bonuses are well-deserved recognition for our law enforcement agencies. and first responders for all they do for Florida.”

Governor Ron DeSantis believes the plan will help revive the economy and fight rising inflation.

So far, no such plan has been seen for ordinary Florida citizens.

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