Stimulus check update: What to know about the $350 monthly payment proposal

A new stimulus proposal from Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah to revive enhanced child tax credits starting in 2021 could provide some with up to $350 in monthly payments.

But there will be a catch: those who accept the money will have to comply with the demands of the job.

Romney’s staff said his proposal has not been formally presented and is currently being negotiated with both parties before being finalized.

Here’s what you need to know about the new proposal.

Romney’s proposed “Family Security Act”

Under Romney Family Security Acteligible families with children under 5 would receive $350 and families with children 6-17 would receive $250.

The measure would also allow expectant parents to start receiving payments four months before their baby’s due date.

Monthly payments for families would reach a maximum of $1,250.

Stipulations attached to the “Family Security Act”

Romney’s plan also calls for the phasing out of income threshold payments.

For example, if a single filer earns more than $200,000 or if joint filers earn more than $400,000 together, $50 would be deducted from monthly payments for every $1,000 the filers earn above their thresholds. of income.

Work requirements

The Romney plan also includes a controversial element known as work demands.

Although his proposal does not go into detail, most states that have work requirement programs require the beneficiary to work, volunteer or undertake equivalent vocational training for 80 hours per month, according to NBC News.

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