Stimulus Check Update – Guaranteed Payment for New Orleans Youth

Several stimulus check guaranteed income programs have already started to gain popularity since the pandemic. Several counties and states have already started experimenting with a few similar programs that would help their residents deal with the financial impacts of the pandemic. Currently, New Orleans has emerged as the latest city to pilot such a program that would provide stimulus payments to the city’s youth. Under this program, most eligible youth will receive a stimulus amount of $350.

New Orleans to release stimulus check payment

This month, the Mayor’s Office of Youth and Families revealed details of the stimulus check program. The program was initially brought to the attention in November 2021. The first payments that have been made under this program have already been made to a number of selected recipients in the state. The main objective of the show stimulus checks to young people in the city is to strengthen the financial stability of beneficiaries while connecting them to their educational institution or workplace.

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Mayor LaToya Cantrell explained that they started this stimulus check program as a huge opportunity to get much-needed, unrestricted cash flow into people’s pockets at a time when they need it most.

Under this stimulus check program, approximately 125 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 will be selected for payment. These people would belong to the category where they neither work nor go to school. This program is currently funded by a $500,000 Mayors Guaranteed Income Grant. Beneficiaries who have been deemed eligible will receive payments via a prepaid bank card, which will then be issued by Mobility Capital Finance.

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Elaine R. Knight