Sports venues use frictionless payment technology

At the start of the pandemic, digital technologies offered an alternative to in-person events, but with the return of live entertainment, many companies are now figuring out how to use technology to support the on-site experience. When it comes to venues, many are using digital payment technologies to speed up the process of purchasing from concessions, reducing the time consumers spend away from their seat.

MLB announced on Wednesday (April 13) that the Houston Astros are working with Amazon to offer Just Walk Out cashierless payment at two concessions in Minute Maid Park, the team’s home stadium.

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“We wanted to provide this advanced technology to our fans, giving them an easier and more convenient shopping experience so they could spend more time enjoying baseball,” Marcel Braithwaitesenior vice president of business operations for the Astros, said in a statement.

As with other Just Walk Out-enabled stores, consumers scan their credit cards when they enter the store, and the items they walk out with are automatically charged when they leave the store.

“Our technology is designed to provide a fast and frictionless shopping experience, so we’re excited to help eliminate queues for fans when they need to refuel during matches and between innings. “, Dilip Kumarvice president of physical retail and technology at Amazon, said in a statement.

The news comes at a time when, with the return of baseball season, many teams are looking for ways to offer technology purchasing options that improve the checkout experience. This can take the form of scan-and-go systems, in-seat delivery and more.

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Moreover, this is not the first time that the frictionless checkout has arrived in a sports stadium. For example, late last year, NFL team the Detroit Lions, in partnership with catering and hospitality company Levy, telecommunications company Verizon, and artificial intelligence solutions provider (IA) retailer AiFi, has opened a frictionless food and beverage store at its Ford Field stadium.

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“I think it helps a lot of different pain points,” Sandep Satish, head of the sports and entertainment analytics practice at Levy and E15, told PYMNTS in a January interview. “First and foremost, speed of service – we know our guests want to return to their seats to watch the game, concert or convention they are attending, and it’s really important for us to understand how can- let us know that this is not the traditional concession stand model.

As consumers increasingly turn to self-service channels, cashierless payment takes advantage of and maximizes the benefits of these options.

Research from PYMNTS’ September study “Today’s Self-Service Shopping Journey: The New Retail Expectation”, created in collaboration with Toshiba, found that the number one reason consumers choose self-checkout is because they want a faster shopping experience. Also, the second most common reason is that they don’t want to wait in line.

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