SpaceChain and SpaceBelt Partner to Drive Growth of Digital Asset Storage and Payment Services in the New Space Economy

Partnership to develop unique combined space services that will expand the customer base and meet market needs for ultra-secure digital asset storage and payment services

SINGAPORE, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SpaceChain today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with space belt to collaborate and co-enable services that combine SpaceBelt’s patented space cloud data storage capabilities with SpaceChain’s blockchain-integrated satellite infrastructure and open source standard, fostering a robust market for storage and payments for space-based digital assets in the new space economy.

Under the agreement, SpaceBelt will offer SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSaaS), a space-based service that integrates secure multi-tenant cloud storage with global managed network services, to support SpaceChain’s vision to develop space-based digital asset management with data storage capacity and ultra-secure global security. managed network services.

In addition, the two companies will collaborate to integrate, launch and operate constellations of satellites integrated into the SpaceChain operating system (SpaceChain OS) to enable a multi-tenant platform as a service (PaaS) to support the mobile and enterprise applications developed by others. parties.

The partnership aims to develop unique combined space services that will expand the customer base and meet market needs for ultra-secure digital asset storage and payment services.

“The collaboration between SpaceChain and SpaceBelt is a premier partnership that will propel both companies into the next chapter of growth and excellence,” said Evan Slatery, Head of Business Development at SpaceChain. “We look forward to accelerating our joint services and formulating go-to-market strategies to help democratize access to space and shape a global environment of innovation and connectivity.”

“Partnering with SpaceChain will allow SpaceBelt to bring its deep capability in space-based cloud storage and managed network services to more leading innovators and companies looking to leverage the promises space economy,” said Kok Rie Ooi, Managing Director. from SpaceBelt. “Both companies will integrate business and technical resources and know-how to create truly unique offerings that will accelerate the growth and development of the space industry.”

According space foundationthe space economy grew at the fastest annual rate since 2014 to reach 469 billion US dollars in 2021. Total world government and corporate production of rockets, satellites and more grew 9% year-over-year. The space economy is expected to weather market volatility and macroeconomic pressures to continue growing this year.

About SpaceChain

Founded in late 2017, SpaceChain created the first satellite-based platform to provide secure custody, transact digital assets, deploy smart contracts, and facilitate decentralized financial infrastructure (“FDI”) on space nodes. SpaceChain aims to bring advanced security and global access, integrating software-defined payloads to advance in-orbit blockchain applications. SpaceChain currently has live network nodes operating on satellites and aboard the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceChain has demonstrated commercial and deployment success in delivering space missions and is now poised to capture high growth and high value. For more information, visit

About SpaceBelt

SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) is the world’s first space-based planned data storage and cloud infrastructure service. SpaceBelt seeks to revolutionize the way data can be securely transferred and stored using its patented SpaceBelt architecture using GEO satellites between customer’s corporate sites and the SpaceBelt LEO network. SpaceBelt’s space infrastructure is completely separate from terrestrial landlines and the Internet. This provides the highest possible security by providing global ground infrastructure isolation of a business or government agency’s critical, highly sensitive, and high-value data assets. Visit

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