SMS Pay Casinos: A Guide by Milan Rabszski

Online casinos are increasingly accepting SMS payments. Players can fund their casino accounts without using credit cards, e-wallets or vouchers by simply texting from their phone. It is possible to pay for goods and services by sending a deposit by SMS from a mobile phone.

We asked the famous game expert, Milan Rabszski, to interview us on the radio! Sonia Nowak had the pleasure of compiling and asking her questions while guiding the audience through the possible pitfalls of payment methods while playing in online casinos.

Q: So you are here approving casinos with payment by SMS. Why is that, Mr. Rabszski?

“Setting up an SMS deposit infrastructure for online casino SMS providers is simple and inexpensive. These payment choices are also user-friendly and convenient,” responds Milan. Sending and receiving text messages is similar to SMS deposits.

It further explains that the cost of the transaction is added or deducted from your monthly phone bill or prepaid balance. With SMS payments, users can deposit or transfer money quickly and securely at online casinos.

The popularity of casino texting has declined, making online casinos that accept SMS as a deposit method perfect for many registered players around the world. In Poland, SMS payments can be used to fund an online casino account but not to withdraw winnings.

“But it comes with benefits, I swear,” he promises.

Q: Would you guide our listeners to SMS payments?

Milan laughs at this question: “To start, you need to know how to deposit money into a casino account via SMS using your phone. A few minutes of your time should be enough to accomplish this task,” he begins. Milan urge everyone to follow the instructions to avoid making mistakes. There are simple steps to deposit money into your bank account using SMS from your mobile phone:

  • Visit the casino section where you can text money to make a purchase. To find a reliable and secure online casino, you need to browse through all the available options. You can find a list on their website, TopKasynoOnline, he says. Thanks to the work of our experts who have drawn up an exhaustive list of these establishments. Any online casino SMS payment can be tested using the list above without having to provide any personal information.
  • Before selecting this choice, you must make another decision: should you use this system? “Your prepaid card account or mobile phone bill will be charged for the money,” he warns.
  • Fill in the rest of the details. Your phone number and the amount you want to top up are both required fields. Only a few payment choices don’t require you to enter a 10-digit code into a 4-digit phone number.
  • Check the transaction. The phone number you provided will be used to send you an SMS asking you to confirm your purchase. Only send this SMS if your phone account has sufficient funds. By sending the confirmation message, the funds will automatically appear in your casino account.

Milan completes the instruction set, “And you’re ready to play!”

Q: How can we decide if this is the right choice for players?

“There is no right or wrong, only what suits the players,” Milan said. It is useful to make a list of pros and cons to make a better cost-benefit analysis.


  • Payments are made instantly. Compared to other payment options, including third-party apps like PayPal, SMS payments are significantly faster, almost instantaneous. Plus, you won’t have to waste time typing in your bank or e-wallet login details or searching for bank cards, which improves speed.
  • Better security. When making a deposit, you do not have to enter your bank account information or any other personal or financial information. All funds are handled by a reputable telephone operator, making it one of the safest deposit choices for players.
  • It’s simple to use. It is true that everything is now an application that you can take anywhere. You can play on the bus or while waiting at the grocery store, but SMS deposits have an advantage that others don’t: the ability to top up without internet!
  • Private life. Unlike computers, which can be accessed by multiple people, most cell phones have only one owner. As a result, all transactions made via SMS online casino payments are secret.
  • Play responsibly. Paying with mobile credit makes it easy to keep track of your gaming budget. Simply top up your phone with the maximum amount you want to spend at the start of the month. You can track your expenses this way.

Q: How could this be the worst day for players?

  • There is no way to get your winnings. Since your phone account will not have access to your bank account, to get your winnings you will need to use another payment method. Apple Pay is an exception.
  • Low requirements. You can only deposit 150 PLN, which is often the reason why these casinos do not accept SMS deposits. You won’t be able to take advantage of any online casino offers if your deposit limit is too low. A minimum investment in the casino is required to activate many of the highest bonus offers.
  • Additional charges may apply. “If food delivery apps take service fees, we can expect our service providers to do the same with SMS deposits,” Milan laughs.

Q: Do you consider this to be an important payment method in the future?

“Polish players show no disparity with payment methods; they are nice like that,” gushed Milan. Even though most casinos do not accept this payment method, more and more casinos are turning to it as the trend chart increases. Casinos are starting to see the true potential of SMS payments and are pushing software developers to include the payment method.


However, SMS payments may not be the best option for everyone. If a player wants to use the same deposit and withdrawal method, a casino SMS payout is out of the question. Visa and Mastercard credit cards, PayPal, electronic wallets (Skrill or NetellerPaysafecard or Trustly), and bank transfers are all viable possibilities for alternative payment methods.

Even so, these solutions are not without flaws, but they do offer much larger deposit limits and no additional fees. You should pay attention to how long it takes for each of these means to make their payments. Deposits made via e-wallet or PayPal appear in your account faster than withdrawals made via wire transfer, which can take up to five business days to process.

Despite all this, Milan stand by their statement that when all payment methods fail, SMS payments will be the savior for all players who have the worst possible experience with deposits. “When your internet connection goes down or bank transfers take too long and you don’t want to wait, you can rely on SMS payments,” adds Milan.

Q: We have a few questions from listeners; shall we take a look?

“Go ahead,” exclaims Milan enthusiastically.

Question from the listener: Milan, are there any limits to the use of this method of payment?

Milan indicates that SMS deposits, like all other payment methods, are subject to certain conditions:

  • You must ensure that you have a phone account with a positive and sufficient balance to make the deposit.
  • Review the casino policies beforehand. Daily and monthly deposit limits, minimum and maximum deposit amounts, transaction time, any additional fees paid for using SMS 2022 Poland deposit and information about the bonuses they are entitled to when doing this type of casino SMS payment are all listed below. .
  • “It’s not a method I would recommend to all players,” he adds. Using an alternative payment option for high rollers is something that players have to decide for themselves.
  • This payment method is not widely accepted. Check with casinos if they still accept this payment method.

Question from the listener: some payment options offer bonuses; will SMS casinos offer bonuses?

“As for bonuses, some online casinos accept any deposit method. Others will not accept payments over the phone for bonuses,” Milan explains.

Before depositing money, you will be notified of any incentives. Carefully review the terms and conditions of your online gambling site. You will discover the different bonuses and their wagering conditions.

“Have you heard of betting rules? Search this term first, then focus on claiming your huge bonus. Remember, no one wants to give you anything for free. TopKasynoOnline will point you to reliable reviews during your research,” Milan suggested to a listener.

Listener question: Is there a minimum deposit limit via SMS payments?

From one mobile casino to another, the minimum deposit amount is different. Phone deposits at mobile casinos often start at a minimum of £3. Check the minimum SMS payout amount with the administrators of your online casino SMS payout site to keep an eye on your personal gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

TopKasynoOnline editor Milan Rabszski spent time answering listeners’ questions and strongly advised players to do as much research as possible before investing their hard-earned cash. You can listen to the best expert podcasts at TopKasynoOnline to learn more about any gaming-related topic. This is a website created for Poles, by Poles. Contact them at their address at Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw, call the portal manager on +48 22 595 14 00 or simply send them an email at [email protected]

To note: Unfortunately, at the time of writing the article in March 2022, gambling is restricted in Poland, so the content of this article is used for informational purposes only and is available to users outside Poland. Poland.

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