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The suffering and constant begging for alms of Mr. Aniobi John, a retired public school teacher in Iwara, Atakunmosa West Local Council of Osun State, may soon come to an end as he has received an 8.3 million naira bond certificate from the state government. .

John, who is physically handicapped, had taken to begging on the streets to survive. The blind pensioner, led by a teenage girl, had lamented the non-payment of his pension by the state government.

As sympathetic passers-by and shopkeepers handed him cash, in a viral video the man recounted his ordeal of how he was disenfranchised by the state government.

He said, “I wouldn’t have gone out to beg for alms, if I could see with my eyes.” I walked out because of my blindness and hunger, please have mercy on me and help me.

“I worked for 35 years as a teacher in Iwara and it was in this same Iwara that I was struck blind. I worked for eight years in Iwara and after my retirement I was deprived of my rights.

“I have contributed over two million naira while on active duty but so far I haven’t received a dime. Please help me, God will help you too. I would not have gone out to beg, if I could have seen,” he said in a voice charged with emotion.

But John’s fate may be a thing of the past, after he received an N8.3million bond certificate, alongside other pensioner state beneficiaries.

He described the gesture as the best thing that ever happened to him, saying Governor Adegboyega Oyetola had revived his disappointed hope.

He was among 162 pensioners who benefited from the N1.156b bond certificates presented to a new group of pensioners by the state government.

According to a statement issued yesterday by Ismail Omipidan, the chief press secretary of Oyetola, the retirees benefiting were primary school teachers, local government staff and those in the central civil service, parastatal institutions and educational institutions. higher public.

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Elaine R. Knight