Recount offer will require payment: Vague belief in ballot ‘inconsistencies’

The Nevada County Clerk-Recorder race recount is expected to cost nearly $83,000, according to a Thursday analysis.

And if the first installment isn’t paid by Monday, the recount won’t take place, county attorney Kit Elliott said.

Randy Economy — senior adviser and spokesperson for last year’s governor removal effort, former candidate for the state Equalization board and host of a conservative Coachella Valley talk show — said that he was requesting the recount on behalf of Candidate Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Electors Jason Tedder. The economy must pay $10,096 before the recount begins and $1,813.04 each day thereafter, for an estimated total cost of $82,728.06.

Clerk-recorder Greg Diaz, in one analysis, estimated workers could count 1,000 ballots a day, completing the recount in 38 days.

“I don’t foresee it taking 36 days,” Economy said. “If it takes 36 days to count 36,000 ballots, I think there is something systematically wrong.”

The Nevada County vote, certified last week, shows Natalie Adona winning the clerk-recorder race with 22,800 votes, or 67.9 percent. Tedder received 7,843 votes, or 23.3%. Paul Gilbert collected 2,942 votes, 8.8%.

Economics said it believes there were electoral inconsistencies in Nevada County. Why is vague.

“I’ve been doing this since 1985,” he says. “What’s happening in Nevada County is happening everywhere.”

Economy said he had followed Nevada County policy for more than two years and had spoken with Tedder for several months.

Tedder could not be reached for comment by phone or email.

Diaz said he estimated 1,000 ballots were being counted per day based on his office’s 1% audit, a process done at every election.

“A thousand ballots a day is pretty good,” he added. “Four people must read each name for each ballot.”

Diaz will not conduct the recount, per state law. Instead, county staff recommended supervisors appoint Placer County Clerk/Registrar of Electors Ryan Ronco to oversee the recount. If nominated, Ronco would in turn nominate four electors, and possibly more, to do the recount.

“How he does the audit, maybe the board can count more,” Diaz said. “Maybe they will matter less.”


A strict schedule put the issue of the recount before Tuesday’s meeting of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.

Economy filed its claim over the holiday weekend. Because the recount is for the clerk-recorder race, and because the board only has seven days to request the recount, supervisors by Tuesday must appoint someone other than Diaz to conduct it.

The economy must pay $10,096 by Monday for the recount to begin. Otherwise, it could be removed from the supervisors’ agenda. If the daily fee of $1,813.04 is not paid, the recount will stop and cannot be restarted, County Attorney Elliott said in an email.

Economics said he and his team intended to be present during the process, standing close to the people counting.

“I will be here as long as I can with my team,” he said.

“There are two sides to every story,” he later added. “We have the right to do so under the law. We are not the bad guys. »

Alan Riquelmy is the editor of The Union. He can be reached at [email protected]

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