Payway and FlexCharge Partner to Boost Payment Acceptance for Subscription Companies


“By partnering with FlexCharge, we can offer businesses a unique service that will significantly reduce their chargebacks,” said Dan Nadeau, CEO and principal owner of Payway.

Payway®, an integrated payment processing solution, and FlexCharge, the leading innovator in the fight against failed payments, today announced a partnership to integrate FlexCharge’s unique ability to rescue failed payments with payment software. Payway’s award-winning solution to provide businesses with a simple and straightforward solution to combating declined payments.

The solution will help merchants dramatically increase their approval rates without any increased risk of fraud.

“Payway continues to enhance its award-winning payment software solution through corporate partnerships and innovative solutions. By partnering with FlexCharge, we can offer businesses a unique service that will significantly reduce their chargebacks,” said Dan Nadeau, CEO and Principal Owner of Payway. “Web-based businesses are particularly susceptible to payment declines as they are the primary reason for customer churn. Our partnership with FlexCharge offers an incredibly innovative yet tangible way to reduce these drops.

The partnership between Payway and FlexCharge allows Payway customers to use FlexCharge’s unique technology without any integration effort and immediately benefit from reduced payment declines, increased revenue and improved satisfaction. customer.

“Our partnership with Payway demonstrates our commitment to providing a convenient solution to declined payments for subscription businesses,” said Zeev Shoval, chief consumer officer at FlexCharge. “Payway has over three decades of experience in recurring payments, and the company is an ideal partner to deploy our solution to subscription businesses and increase their approval rates, which translates to increased business and improved user experience.”

About Payway

Payway is a proven payment service provider that helps cardless and subscription-based businesses simplify and speed transaction processing, improving cash flow and dramatically reducing the costs associated with accepting recurring payments.

Payway has decades of experience handling cardless payments and provides its customers with the latest security features. Payway has designed its user-friendly payment processing solution to meet the needs of organizations that operate a recurring payment business model, such as the many publishing and media companies they have served since 1984. For more information, visit

About FlexCharge

We make shopping easier by removing the frustration of chargebacks.

Over 50% of shoppers abandon their cart when they experience a declined payment. Our technology removes this friction point because when a payment is declined, we allow buyers to complete their purchase and be charged later.

We bring meaningful innovation to the payment industry and reinforce a model where both buyers and retailers win. To learn more, visit

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