Paymob offers electronic payment solutions to merchants at Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival City Mall (CFC) has partnered with international financial technology company Paymob, to provide all CFC tenants with point-of-sale terminals that allow a wide range of payment methods.

Paymob has been providing the market with better access to financial services since 2015; its point of sale terminals and wide range of payment solutions are expected to offer great benefits to traders and CFC customers.

Thanks to Paymob, CFC tenants and merchants now have various payment methods to present to their customers, including payment by debit card, credit card and Meeza card, as well as payout options through different banks such as as CIB, Bank of Cairo, Bank Misr, and Bank Al-Mashreq.

Paymob also facilitates payments through consumer finance tools such as valU, Premium Card, Sympl, Contact, Souhoola and Shahry.

“Paymob supports online and offline merchants through a variety of products and solutions. The point of sale device helps merchants easily accept in-store payments through a wide variety of methods. Through APIs, retailers can integrate our payment facilities into their websites or mobile applications, ”said Islam Shawky, Founder and CEO of Paymob.

“Our infrastructure processes over 87% of all mobile wallet transactions in Egypt. As we are one of the largest payment facilitators in the country, we fully understand what is required to provide merchants with a smooth, secure and fast digital payment process.

Paymob has executed millions of transactions and partnerships for various companies of varying sizes since 2015. Paymob is the largest payment facilitator in Egypt, with an annual processing value of $ 2.5 billion.

After being the first to raise $ 18.5million in Egypt’s biggest Serie A round last year, the company is now considered one of the biggest in Egypt.

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Elaine R. Knight