Paying salaries remains top priority, says Kwara Governor

Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq said his administration would continue to make paying full salaries a top priority.

He said that while the state was not immune to the steady decline in income, he would continue to make full payment of wages a frontline charge because of its wider implications for the welfare of the public. staff and the local economy.

AbdulRazaq said the states were receiving extremely low revenue as the allowances from Abuja to Kwara are barely enough to pay full salaries and manage basic public expenditures until the allowance is increased. through internally generated revenue (IGR) which should be for infrastructure development and savings for the future.

The Governor spoke during a meeting with heads of Kwara State Colleges of Education and the College of Arab and Islamic Legal Studies.

“Our policy is to ensure that we pay 100% salary and that is exactly what we have been doing since day one. All our allowances and part of the IGR are now dedicated to paying salaries and managing Basic public spending. We are almost out of leftovers. So we are struggling because the money is just not there. On top of that, we have to give money to local governments to pay 100% salary. After that, there is nothing left.
“We are aware of your requests and we really want to make them. However, we are currently limited by resources. The allowance has gone down. We must increase the payment of salaries and the cost of governance from what is expendable from our IGR. Our ongoing capital projects are funded by bonds. And it’s just not possible to use bond money to do anything else because the terms of access to the bond prevent such things. The bond we’ve taken is such that you can’t take a kobo out of it to do anything that’s not in the terms. I urge everyone to support us. At the moment we can only pay the salaries at 100% and it is actually a struggle. However, paying the salary when due is something we take very seriously,” AbdulRazaq said.

The governor said he expected a better understanding from teachers at colleges of education about their turmoil primarily over an agreement signed since 2011 that was not implemented by the previous administration.

He added that this administration, unlike its predecessors, has never defaulted in the full payment of salary and other basic needs. He said the government is not averse to calls for better welfare and indeed has offered something his wallet can afford at this time, adding that it would be wrong and immoral if he’s committing to a deal he doesn’t have the resources to implement now, especially with the steady decline in revenue over the past six months.

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Elaine R. Knight