PayDent Named Preferred Payment Provider by Well Articulated Dental Studios

CHICAGO – February 24, 2022 – PayDent (paydent) announced today at the Chicago Dental Society Winter Meeting that it will be the preferred payment method for Well Articulated Dental Studios, a new line of dental practices in suburban Chicago, and that all dentists employed there will be participating PayDent providers.

PayDent is a new alternative to dental insurance that offers many benefits to dental providers and patients, including:

–Eliminates all insurance hassles — there are no claims or rejections, and all procedures are covered;

–Provides dentists with fair compensation for the work they do – the equivalent of the leading in-network plan of a major dental insurance company;

–Provides patients with fair pricing — 15% off the American Dental Association National Average Fee; and

–Provides patients with a dental savings account, allowing them to accumulate funds to pay for their dental treatments.

“Too often patients do not receive dental care, even when it is in their best interests, because their insurance companies do not cover them due to service limitations or insurance provisions,” said the Dr. Kevin Patterson, co-founder of PayDent. “But with PayDent, patients can get whatever treatment they and their dentists think is best, because PayDent covers all dental care without limitations or provisions.”

Dr. Brian Caraba, founder of Well Articulated Dental Studios, said that in addition to benefiting Well Articulated Studio patients, PayDent will also financially benefit his dental practices – as well as any practice that accepts it – because PayDent reimburses dental practices correctly. far for the services they render and the expenses they incur, rather than keeping them waiting for weeks or months.


He also said that PayDent will eliminate the time dental office staff spend on insurance. “With PayDent, our office staff will be able to focus on providing the best quality dental care, rather than wasting time dealing with insurance,” said Caraba, who is also an investor and shareholder in PayDent. “We are proud to partner for better care with PayDent.”

Theresa Narantic, practice management consultant for Well Articulated Dental Studios, said PayDent solves a long-standing problem for many patients who pay high premiums for their insurance without any assurance as to what procedures their insurance company will cover. “Being a PayDent provider will allow our patients to get the care they want and need, rather than being limited to what an insurance company will allow,” she said. “Instead of insurance companies telling patients what they can have, shouldn’t dentists be telling patients what they need? PayDent solves this problem.”

Unlike traditional insurance, PayDent covers all types of dental treatment – including routine, elective, specialty and cosmetic dental procedures – and allows dentists and patients to determine the best and most appropriate treatment without any approval. prior.

In addition, dentists can opt out at any time. Other benefits of PayDent include:

–No upfront fees or annual fees for dentists or patients;

–No limitation of service;

–No lost contributions, unlike most health savings accounts;

–No lost monthly premiums unlike discount card plans; and

–No loss of unused perks.

PayDent works on any web browser and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

About PayDent

Co-founded in 2019 by Dr. Kevin Patterson, a Chicago-area dentist with more than three decades of practice experience, and Steve Valentor, a successful serial entrepreneur and engineer, PayDent is privately held and headquartered in Chicago.

For dental providers, PayDent eliminates all insurance frustrations, including denied insurance claims and service limitations. It also allows dentists to immediately seek payment for services rendered and provide dental care without obtaining third-party approval or submitting accounts.

PayDent offers patients a structured way to save money to pay for the dental care they want or need. There are no minimum annual expenses; no surprise premium increase; no guessing whether, or how much, insurance will pay for a procedure; and no lost deposits as they never expire.

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About Well Articulated Dental Studios

Well Articulated Dental Studios was founded by Dr. Brian Caraba, a Chicagoland dentist with over 25 years of practice experience. The first location is open in Arlington Heights, and the company plans to open additional offices soon, including its second location in Mount Prospect. An experienced clinical instructor, Caraba is also the founder of Well Articulated: A Dental Podcast.

PayDent is a registered trademark of Apollonia Corp.

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