N’Assembly staff reject deferred payment of unpaid national minimum wage and threaten to close rooms on May 30

Udora Orizu

National Assembly workers under the umbrella of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN) have rejected the deferred payment of the unpaid National Minimum Wage by the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) to workers at the 03 to 17.

The workers had, during the joint congress held on March 28, 2022, expressed their deep concern over the prolonged delay in the payment of the nine months of unpaid minimum wages as well as the subsidy for the tents.

To this end, the workers gave in to management’s proposal to pay the balance of their minimum wage arrears to all categories of staff on a monthly basis within 6 months from April 2022 and no later than September. 2022.

But according to a new report, the payment schedule for the balance of minimum wage arrears showed that GL 3-14 staff are to be paid from May 2022 to December 2022; GL 15 – January 2023; GL 16 – February 2023; GL 17 – March 2023.

After lengthy deliberations over the outcome of the meeting, the workers unanimously rejected the proposal and alleged that the NASC chairman had compromised with the Clerk of the National Assembly (CNA), Amos Ojo.

The aggrieved workers have threatened to close legislative activities and offices when the May 30, 2022 ultimatum expires.

According to them, “why will the minimum wage payment be split in the first place? Management has realized how weak the union and staff are and they are taking advantage of this to take advantage of our collective sensitivities. “We take everything they put on the table and they never agree with us on anything. Will the same command or commission remove all commands and other positions created by the same condition of service until they obtain MSIWC approval? What is our terms of service activity with MSIWC?

“No one is even talking about leave pay which is part of the approved terms of service that was implemented last year. Leave pay was given to staff last year.

“So far, the 2022 furlough pay has not been paid. NASS management still needs the approval of the Revenue and Wage Board. That’s mean; who’s fooling who here is Were minimum wage arrears not accounted for in the 2021 NASS budget?If so, was the money returned to NASS Management?

They further stated, “What about improving the condition of service allowance provision for NASS staff in the 2021/2022 budget? Has the money been released or not? What does the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning record say about the releases and cash support of funds to NASS over the past 3 years?

“The EXCO should seek answers to the above questions and bring the results to Congress to determine the next course of action.”

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Elaine R. Knight