NADRA centers can accept payment by credit or debit card

ISLAMABAD: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) entrusted HBL with the mandate to deploy point of sale (POS) terminals for the acceptance of credit and debit cards at NADRA centers across the country.

These point-of-sale terminals are being deployed at all NADRA centers in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the Pakistani government and the State Bank of Pakistan, a press release said here on Wednesday.

The agreement in this regard was signed between Tariq Malik, President – NADRA, and Muhammad Aurangzeb, President and CEO – HBL. Senior officials from both organizations were also present on the occasion.

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Speaking on the occasion, Tariq Malik, President of NADRA, said the installation of point-of-sale terminals in NRCs would allow payment by debit and credit cards. NADRA centers across the country have massive public attendance every day and the digitization of payment systems would allow citizens to have multiple payment options, offering them a simple and secure payment method while moving towards a digital Pakistan. , did he declare.

He said adopting point-of-sale terminals at NRCs offers efficiency and accuracy in accounting. He said the NRC will now accept more foreign currency as applicants are often overseas Pakistanis with overseas bank accounts and payment cards.

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Thanks to this partnership, HBL will deploy its point of sale terminals in all NADRA centers across the country. This initiative is essential to improving Pakistan’s digital infrastructure, enabling HBL to play its role in helping NADRA to digitize its identification systems as a whole. It will allow NADRA applicants to have multiple payment options providing ease and convenience of service.

On this occasion, the President and CEO of HBL Muhammad Aurangzeb, declared: “We are delighted to be entrusted with this mandate. HBL and NADRA have a long-standing relationship that spans many years. HBL, as the main bank of the Government of Pakistan, has implemented many strategic programs in partnership with NADRA to bring convenience and ease to the public.

This partnership reinforces HBL’s strategic priority of promoting digitization across the country.

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