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Ria, 41, from London, told the current energy crisis has left her feeling stressed and upset, but more importantly it has made her feel incredibly angry. Ria has three children, one of whom is disabled and uses a wheelchair. She explained how her current situation had left her mentally and physically exhausted, but the thought of Ofgem’s energy price cap rising again made her feel physically sick with anxiety.

Ria explained, “At the moment we are struggling and I feel trapped because there is no possibility for me to change my energy consumption. I’m on a prepaid meter and can’t switch so I don’t know how I’m supposed to cope if my bills go up again.

According to the latest forecast from Cornwall Insight analysts, the energy watchdog’s price cap is expected to rise by around 65%. This means energy bills could rise to around £3,244 a year.

Before the energy crisis, Ria could pay £25 a week for her meter to cover her electricity consumption. However, since the wholesale price has skyrocketed, Ria now has to pay £75 to cover a week of usage.

Ria believes her emotions will only grow as winter approaches.

She said: “I’m only going to get more frustrated and upset as Christmas approaches because it looks like it’s going to be so difficult. I can’t even think of celebrating it because I just won’t have any time. money. What will there be to celebrate?

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“I can’t imagine further than that because I’m out of hope, no one can tell us when it’s going to end, will it ever end? Nobody seems to know.

Ria said her children’s well-being has also been hit hard due to the energy crisis which has also fueled her frustrations.

Ria explained how she cannot afford to pay for her children to join a sports club like swimming or dancing, or an activity that could introduce them to new interests and provide them with a sense of well-being.

On a daily basis, as she tries to reduce her household’s energy use, she says she can’t even let them play a video game they like or watch TV for too long.

She said: “I sacrifice all my free time to work, so that I can improve the lives of my children, but all my free time is working and it does not give me the chance to try to improve their lives because I work but I come home with nothing at the end of the month.

“How am I destined for my children when I can only provide them with the essentials? It’s not fair at all.


Ria explained how she also gets emotional when she thinks of others who are in even more difficult positions than her, such as retirees and those who cannot or cannot work.

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis released a video this week calling on the government to come up with urgent and immediate plans to help the UK tackle the effects of the price cap hike.

In his video, Mr Lewis warned that the UK was on the verge of a ‘financial cataclysm’ if nothing is done, as the new Prime Minister has just taken over when the price cap comes into force .

Ria agrees with Mr Lewis that urgent action is needed and that Conservative Party leaders must prioritize the energy crisis above all else.

Ria said: “Something has to happen now, it should have happened yesterday. We can’t wait any longer.

“People are going to suffer, and I mean actually suffer because of this. People’s mental health is going to be pushed to breaking point and, I hate to even think about it, but people are going to be physically affected as well and it’s so scary.

Mr Lewis also underlined his concern about it in his video saying the mental health of millions of people will be significantly affected and he believes ‘lives could be lost’.

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Ria is entitled to the £650 child support but said it would do little to improve her situation and was “not enough” to deal with what was to come in October.

She also believes that this should not be the path the government should continue to take.

She explained: “It’s a band-aid over a gaping wound, giving us a lump sum of money is not the solution. It’s just going to keep going up and up and eventually the government will say they can’t do it anymore and then what.

Ria thinks the government needs to step in and take over the energy companies and nationalize them in order to regulate the bills or it needs to pay at least part of people’s monthly bills.

She said, “I’m angry, I’m very angry. No one signed up for this and no one did anything to deserve this.

“This winter people are going to be very cold or very hungry, we all sacrifice a lot to survive, we don’t live anymore and I don’t think that’s good at all.”

A government spokesperson said: ‘We understand people are struggling with rising prices, which is why we have acted to protect Britain’s 8 million most vulnerable families with at least £1,200 of direct payments this year with additional support for retirees and those applying for disability benefits. .

“Through our £37billion support package, we are also saving the typical employee over £330 a year through a tax cut in July, allowing people on Universal Credit to keep £1,000 more of what they earn and cut fuel tax by 5p saving a typical family. £100.”

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