More trouble for villager sued for non-payment of $3,000 paint job

Linda Richards

A villager sued for non-payment for a $3,000 paint job at her home has been arrested for passing an NSF cheque.

Linda Lee Richards, 74, of the village of Gilchrist was arrested last week for fraud. She was picked up from her home at 3097 Dafoe Terrace. She remains free on $500 bail.

Richards is already being sued by Superior Painting and Cleaning of Ocala after she failed to pay for a $3,000 paint job at her home. During the first two-hour meeting with a company representative, Richards had not selected any colors. She accepted the $3,000 award, according to a form filed in Sumter County Court. Work was due to start on April 18, and Richards gave the paint company very specific times when the work could be done. The company employs hearing-impaired workers, and Richards kicked one of them out of her home. She began “screaming loudly” at other employees as they attempted to complete their tasks. An accidental spill of paint on a carpet caused another unpleasant episode. The company tried to hire another carpet cleaning service to satisfy Richards, but they ‘harassed’ this company so much that they refused to get involved in the work. Richards refused to pay for the completed paint job.

Richards bought the house on Dafoe Terrace in 2021 for $520,000. It originally sold in 2013 for $298,000.

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