Monthly check for $2,753: who must approve it for the payment to be effective?

Every month the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends payments to retirees, people with disabilities and many other eligible groups. End of 2021, more than 67 million beneficiaries have received some form of financial support from the social security administration, more than 72 percent were retirees.

And that 72% is the group that could receive the $2,753 monthly check, as long as they meet a set of requirements defined by the SSA. The organization controls the approval of who receives the monthly check, which is related to retirement age and a host of other factors. Those who receive the monthly check for $2,753 are retired couples and recipients of SSA assistance. For people receiving retirement benefits, the maximum that can be received is $1,657.

These values ​​are only averages. For retirees who waited to retire until the full retirement age of 67, they could be online to receive up to $3,345 per month this yearup $197 from the previous year. those who file at age 62 this year will see their payments capped at $2,364.

These values ​​are increased by 5.9% compared to last year because the administration increases benefits each year to keep up with inflation, called the cost of living adjustment (COLA). However, with inflation continuing to rise, this increase may not be enough for many benefit recipients.

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How can retirees claim this monthly payment?

The amount each beneficiary receives in Social Security benefits depends on their work history. Supplemental Security Income is set by the federal government and is based on need, not previous income. The increase in monthly payments is automatically applied by the agency to recipients already receiving their rights.

The longer Americans wait to receive payments from their federal retirement account, the higher the monthly check they can expect based on their employment history. You can use an online tool provided by the Social Security Administration to calculate your advantage.

If you plan to retire this year, you will need to contact the Social Security Administration or go online to the “my social security” to start the process of claiming your benefits.

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