Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – 1833 Society contributes to Peterborough Library deposit payment

Published: 08/07/2022 08:01:55

The Society of 1833 and Peterborough Library Trustees have announced that with the Library Restoration and Renovation Project completed within budget, the Financial Oversight Committee, headed by Mike Morison, officially held its final meeting and made recommendations to the 1833 Society regarding the remaining funds available.

The 1833 Society is a non-profit organization formed to raise funds through donations and grants to fund the modernization of the Peterborough Public Library and assist in its development. According to Sue Martin, vice president of the 1833 Society, approximately $92,000 will be paid to the city, and the funds are to be used for the first payment on the library bond.

“It was an incredible public/private partnership,” Martin said. “We are grateful to ratepayers and city management for their support. The Board of Directors of Société 1833 voted to share the budget surplus with the city, in accordance with our partnership agreement and in complete transparency.

The remainder of the funds will be placed in a newly created 1833 trust fund managed by the library trustees. The funds will be directed towards any remaining campus expenses, such as the landscaping of the South Lawn, which will be completed once the Main Street Bridge project is completed and the temporary pedestrian bridge is removed.

“Trust Fund 1833 will be used for any campus improvements and within the scope of the original project,” said Library President Tina Kriebel. “For example, we will pay off the solar panels at the end of our power purchase agreement, and we plan to add mechanical blinds to the children’s area.”

The renovated Peterborough Town Library was completed in September 2021. For more information on the library project, please visit or call 603-924-8040.

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Elaine R. Knight