Maui will open a new online payment portal for MCTAT

WAILUKU, Hawaii (KHON2) – Maui County officials have announced the opening of a new online portal for Maui County Transient Lodging Tax payments on Thursday, December 1.

Maui County taxpayers will be able to pay their MCTAT on a new online portal which will be managed by Sturgis Web Services in conjunction with the counties of Maui, Hawai’i and Kaua’i.

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Officials promise that the “new service streamlines the checkout process” which is “more user-friendly and offers enhanced features” such as:

  • Secure user profiles with user-defined logins and passwords.
  • Users can register multiple state transient accommodation numbers under one profile.
  • Accepts payments for three counties in the state of Hawai’i [excludes City & County of Honolulu].
  • Allows state TA number verification during registration to confirm identity.
  • Allows the taxpayer to add, delete or modify accounts under the registered user profile.
  • Calculates the county’s TAT ​​amount, including penalties and interest, based on the payment date.
  • Provides the taxpayer’s payment history.
  • Reconciles the county’s TAT ​​amount with the taxable income reported by the state.
  • Accepts payment by credit/debit cards, PayPal and eCheck.
  • A convenience fee will be applied to payments made by debit or credit card; no fees are applied for payments made via eCheck.
  • Sturgis web services offer the highest level of security and encryption.

Currently, taxpayers have until Wednesday, November 30 at 11:59 p.m. to pay online with their current Bank of Hawai’i direct billing site. Officials said online users should remove this site from their history and use the new link for online payments.

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Officials also want to remind taxpayers that TAT liabilities exceeding $100,000 per year will be required to make payments by electronic funds transfer and that payments made through their new online portal “satisfies this requirement”.

Walk-in payments are still accepted.

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Elaine R. Knight