Martin Lewis urges people to claim £150 cost of living payment as deadline approaches

Around 300,000 people have failed to claim a £150 cost of living payment – and Martin Lewis is urging them to be quick as the deadline approaches.

The financial expert was back hosting The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV on Tuesday night when he urged households to claim the money. The councils are handing out the £150 payments to help people get by during the cost of living crisis.

But 300,000 households haven’t claimed it – and the deadline is November 30. About 19.1 million have already received their payment.

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If you pay your council tax bill by direct debit, your payment of £150 will have been paid automatically. If you are not paying your council tax by direct debit you will need to contact your local council to claim payment, reports Birmingham Live.

The government previously extended the deadline from September 30 to November 30. But Martin warned there would be no further extension after November 30.

Mr Lewis has previously said: ‘I think the logic of using council tax as a mechanism is sound, because energy bills are household bills, but most of the tax routes are for individuals, so the council tax is a decent proxy as the AD bands reach many low and middle – income households – although as the chancellor admitted to me it’s not a perfect system as some get it who don’t need it, some lack it who do.

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