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The Manassas City Council voted Monday to cut motor vehicle property tax bills by 15% and extended the payment deadline by three weeks to Oct. 26.

Taxpayers will receive updated invoices showing the new amount and due date. Those who have already paid their personal property tax bills will receive a credit to their account.

After October 26, those whose account credit is greater than $5 will be automatically refunded. Amounts of $5 or less will remain as account credits to be applied to next year’s bill unless a refund is requested from the Treasurer’s Office.

The push to cut tax bills came after city officials estimated a significant rise in the taxable value of used vehicles – which is used to determine taxpayers’ bill – amid soaring car prices. opportunity due to supply chain issues and computer chip shortages.

During budget discussions in the spring, city officials initially recommended leaving motor vehicle tax rates unchanged, as the increases were seen as a temporary anomaly. Instead, the expected initial windfall of $1.8 million was offset by a three-cent reduction in property tax.

However, when the city sent the first tax bills to vehicle owners on August 18, the bills reflected an even higher assessment than estimated in the spring — about 15% higher — which would have resulted in about $2 million in damages. more for the city. safes than had been approved in the city budget.

City Council approved the 15% property tax cut at Monday night’s meeting. Motor vehicle property tax also applies to boats and trailers.

Tax payments can be made online or by visiting 9800 Godwin Drive between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Vivian Medithi is a digital writer/editor. Vivian has been with OMCP since 2019.

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