Mallorca court cancels obligation to pay by dataphone taxi card

Taxis departing from Palma do not need to have the system.

08-01-2022Teresa ayuga

A Palma court overturned a requirement by Palma town hall that required taxis to dataphones for card payments.

An appeal against this decision was filed by taxi drivers associations, the requirement having come into force in July 2019. The court is of the opinion that the town hall neglected the process of informing the public during the modification of the municipal ordinance governing public transport.

Associations continue to reject this requirement. They argue that the obligation to have a card payment was established “without considering or regulating the different scenarios that such a measure may involve”, such as what would happen if payment by card the player has stopped working or was in an area with poor coverage.

They remind us that payment by card implies a commission. Short journeys are normal in “small towns like Palma”. It therefore becomes “extremely restrictive” if there is no minimum amount for this payment method. In addition, they argue that Palma’s decision was contrary to the “principle of equality” with the rest of the municipalities of Mallorca, where taxis do not have this obligation.

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Elaine R. Knight