KSU Urges St John’s Whitehall to Withdraw Notice of One-Time Fee Payment; allow parents to pay the fees monthly


The Nongthymmai Circle of the Khasi Students Union (KSU) has asked the St John’s Whitehall Education Authority to withdraw its notification of paying tuition fees on a one-time basis.

In a letter to the school principal on November 24, KSU Nongthymmai Circle said it had been informed by the union that the school had made it compulsory for students to pay school fees on the basis of a single payment for the whole year, and that students whose fees are not paid will be removed from the school register and will no longer be able to sit for future exams.

The KSU, through the letter, also reminded the school authority that given the current Covid-19 situation, some parents may not be able to pay these fees in such a short time frame.

“Given the seriousness of the matter… the KSU urges the school authority to withdraw any such notification and allow parents to pay the fees on a monthly basis as in previous years and which will be more practical”, the union said in the letter.

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Elaine R. Knight