Know Tata Safari SUV EMI loan on Rs 1.8 lakh down payment: Details explained

The Tata Safari nameplate has been revived in the Indian market after the company decided to rename the production-ready version of the three-row concept SUV Gravitas which was initially shown at Auto Expo 2020. The 6 SUV and 7-seater based on Harrier was launched in the country in February 2021 and continues to perform well despite the introduction of some new competitors since then.
Thinking of buying the Tata Safari and wondering how much EMI you would have to shell out for the three-row SUV? Here is a table showing the price of Road Safari (Delhi) by variant, and the lowest monthly installment you would have to pay, keeping in mind an average duration, return on investment, as well as a down payment –
Variant On-road prices
Mandate Interest rate
XE Rs 17,82,309 5 years 9.8% Rs 1,80,000 33,887 rupees
XM Rs 19,61,511 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,00,000 37,254 rupees
XMA AT Rs 21,12,297 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,11,000 40,210 rupees
XT Rs 21,37,815 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,14,000 40,686 rupees
XT+ Rs22,30,606 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,23,000 42,458 rupees
XT+ dark Rs22,53,804 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,25,000 42,907 rupees
XZ Rs23,40,794 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,34,000 44,556 rupees
XTA+ Rs23,81,390 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,38,000 45,330 rupees
Dark XTA+ Rs 24,04,588 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,40,000 45,778 rupees
XZ+ Rs24,54,463 5 years 9.8% Rs2,45,000 46,727 rupees
6 seats
Rs 24,66,062 5 years 9.8% Rs2,47,000 46,930 rupees
XZ+ Kaziranga Rs24,75,341 5 years 9.8% Rs2,48,000 47,106 rupees
Adventure XZ+ Rs 24,78,822 5 years 9.8% Rs2,48,000 47,179 rupees
XZ+ Kaziranga
6 seats
Rs24,86,940 5 years 9.8% Rs2,49,000 47,330 rupees
Adventure XZ+
6 seats
Rs24,90,420 5 years 9.8% Rs2,49,000 47,403 rupees
XZA AT Rs24,91,580 5 years 9.8% Rs2,49,000 47,428 rupees
XZ+ dark Rs24,92,275 5 years 9.8% Rs2,49,000 47,443 rupees
XZ+ dark
6 seats
Rs 25,03,874 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,50,000 47,667 rupees
XZ+ Gold Rs25,83,210 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,58,000 49,175 rupees
XZ+ Gold
6 seats
Rs25,94,810 5 years 9.8% Rs2,59,000 49,400 rupees
XZA+ AT Rs 26,05,248 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,61,000 49,578 rupees
6 seats
Rs 26,16,848 5 years 9.8% Rs2,62,000 49,802 rupees
XZA+ Kaziranga AT Rs 26,26,126 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,63,000 49,977 rupees
XZA+ Adventure AT Rs26,29,606 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,63,000 50,051 rupees
XZA+ Kaziranga AT
6 seats
Rs 26,37,726 5 years 9.8% Rs2,64,000 50,201 rupees
XZA+ Adventure AT
6 seats
Rs26,41,205 5 years 9.8% Rs2,64,000 50,275 rupees
XZA+ Dark AT Rs 26,43,061 5 years 9.8% Rs2,64,000 50,314 rupees
XZA+ Dark AT
6 seats
Rs26,54,660 5 years 9.8% Rs2,65,000 50,538 rupees
XZA+ Gold AT Rs 27,33,996 5 years 9.8% Rs2,73,000 52,047 rupees
XZA+ Gold AT
6 seats
Rs27,45,594 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,75,000 52,250 rupees

We have chosen an average tenure of 5 years as standard, along with a down payment of around 10% and an estimated bank interest rate of 9.8% to make things a little easier for you. Note that the buyer is free to decide the duration for which he will take out the loan, while the interest rate varies from one bank to another. Additionally, you can also choose to pay a higher or lower down payment, which will decrease or increase your Easy Monthly Payment (EMI) respectively.

Tata Motors is currently selling the Safari SUV in India at a base price of Rs 15.02 lakh for the entry-level XE variant, going up to Rs 23.32 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom) for the XZA+ Gold Edition range. automatic model. However, the on-road (Delhi) price of the three-row Tata SUV is currently between Rs 17.82 lakh and Rs 27.45 lakh.
For reference, if you were to opt for the 6-seater XZ+ Gold MT variant of the Tata Safari (ex-showroom price – Rs 22.03 lakh), you would end up paying Rs 49,400 as a monthly installment for a period of 5 years at a return on investment of 9.8%, along with a one-time down payment of Rs 2.59 lakh. All added up, you end up paying around Rs 32,23,000 for the said variant at the end of your loan tenure, which includes the price on the road, the down payment amount, as well as the interest incurred during the aforementioned period.
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