Know Tata Harrier SUV EMI loan on Rs 1.5 lakh down payment: Details explained

The Tata Harrier is currently one of the most profitable mid-size SUV offerings in the Indian market. Its imposing looks, powerful diesel engine and long list of features make it one of the most sought-after SUVs in its segment.
Thinking of buying the Tata Harrier and wondering how much EMI you will have to pay? Here is a table showing the on-road (Delhi) price per variant of the Tata SUV, and the lowest monthly installment you would have to shell out, keeping in mind an average term, return on investment, as well as a down payment –
Variant On-road prices
Mandate Interest rate
XE Rs 17,24,542 5 years 9.8% Rs 1,50,000 33,300 rupees
XM Rs 18,86,925 5 years 9.8% Rs 1,89,000 35,909 rupees
XT Rs 20,35,971 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,04,000 38,744 rupees
XMA AT Rs 20,37,710 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,04,000 38,781 rupees
XT+ Rs 21,28,761 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,13,000 40,516 rupees
XT+ dark Rs 21,63,558 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,16,000 41,188 rupees
XZ Rs 21,97,195 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,20,000 41,815 rupees
Dual tone
Rs22,20,392 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,22,000 42,264 rupees
XTA+ AT Rs 22,79,547 5 years 9.8% Rs2,28,000 43,388 rupees
XTA+ Dark AT Rs 23,14,343 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,31,000 44,060 rupees
XZA AT Rs23,47,980 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,35,000 44,687 rupees
Dual tone
Rs 23,71,178 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,37,000 45,135 rupees
XZ+ Rs 23,82,776 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,38,000 45,359 rupees
XZ+ Kaziranga Rs 24,06,554 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,41,000 45,799 rupees
Dual tone
Rs24,06,670 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,41,000 45,801 rupees
XZ+ dark Rs 24,13,049 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,41,000 45,936 rupees
XZA+ AT Rs 25,33,562 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,53,000 48,231 rupees
XZA+ Kaziranga AT Rs25,57,340 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,56,000 48,671 rupees
Dual tone
Rs 25,57,455 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,56,000 48,673 rupees
XZA+ Dark AT Rs 25,69,054 5 years 9.8% Rs 2,57,000 48,897 rupees

To make it easier for you, we have chosen an average occupancy period of 5 years as standard, as well as a down payment of around 10% and an estimated bank interest rate of 9.8%. Note that the buyer is free to decide the duration for which he will take out the loan, while the interest rate varies from one bank to another. Additionally, you can also choose to pay a higher or lower down payment, which will decrease or increase your Easy Monthly Payment (EMI) respectively.

Tata Motors is currently selling the Harrier in India at a starting price of Rs 14.52 lakh for the entry-level XE variant, going up to Rs 21.81 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom) for the range Automatic XZA+ Dark Edition. model. However, the on-road (Delhi) price of the Tata SUV is currently between Rs 17.24 lakh and Rs 25.69 lakh.
For example, suppose you decide to buy the XMA AT variant of the Tata Harrier SUV, which currently has an ex-showroom price of Rs 17,22,900. If you pay Rs 2.04 lakh as down payment on the price of Rs 20,37,710 on the road (Delhi), you will end up paying Rs 38,781 as EMI for a period of 60 months (5 years) for a total loan amount of Rs 18,33,710. At the end of the term, you would have paid Rs 25,30,860 (all inclusive) for the SUV, which also includes the deposit.
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