JPDCL Launches Campaign to Promote Home Electricity Bill Payment

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“Bijli Bill Bharna Hua aasan, Ghar Baithe Karo Bukhtan”

Jammu: In a significant gesture, Jammu Power Development Corporation Ltd has launched a campaign to promote home electricity bill payment – “Bijli Bill Bharna Hua aasan, Ghar Baithe Karo Bukhtan”.

To increase revenue collection, the new campaign is launched to make it easier to pay home electricity bills for the convenience of consumers.

JPDCL works to save consumers time so they don’t have to queue at banks to pay their electricity bills. Also, to avoid crowds during Covid-19, JPDCL is working to educate consumers and make it easier to pay utility bills while sitting at home.


To achieve the aforementioned goals, meter readers from the relevant sub-divisions should visit each registered JPDCL consumer to raise awareness and install the Bill Sahuliyat app on the mobile phone of at least one member of each household and map their customer ID. consumer so that most consumers switch to online bill payment and do not go to the banks every month to pay their electricity bills.

A GPRS-enabled POS machine should be handed over to sub-divisions who then need to operationalize the existing revenue center and hand the POS machine over to meter readers so that consumers can instantly make payments using credit and credit cards. The POS machine should be made available at the revenue center until late hours during the months of February and March, as revenue collection increases significantly during these two months. This will ensure that consumers have an alternative arrangement to make payment for their electricity bill. When collecting arrears in February and March, a large number of disconnections are made and consumers generally do not resort to instant payment, POS will provide on-site payment of electricity bills. Vehicles carrying campaign posters and banners will be hired at the divisional level and will be dispatched to every nook and cranny to make this campaign a huge success.

Advantages :

This campaign will be of great help to workers and daily wage earners who cannot take the time to visit banks and pay their electricity bills.

It will also help increase JPDCL revenue, as revenue collection will be facilitated and revenue collection can be done from consumer households.

Provisional timetable:

The Bill Sahuliyat app download campaign will begin on January 10 after the December invoices are issued by sub-division offices.

The process of collecting invoices via POS will start from January 20 after the terms and conditions have been negotiated with JK Bank and the POS machines received at the offices of the sub-division.

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