International Payment Solutions Introduces New System to End Deceptive Chargebacks

While other payment processing solutions exist, IPS eliminates fraud by verifying all items before purchases are initiated by credit card.

As the leading payment service provider in North America, International Payment Solutions (IPS) has brought new solutions to the market to facilitate payment processes for rapid business growth. With a deep understanding of how the industry works, IPS is dedicated to supporting businesses at all stages through a wide variety of financial services to ensure efficient transaction processing.

Regardless of technological advances to facilitate online payment processing, people always face unique challenges that make the transaction process frustrating. Due to the constant challenges, these people are always at a crossroads when making the decision to choose an online payment solution. Among the challenges is the existence of fraudsters who are always on the net looking for loopholes to breach security. As part of fraudulent activity, these scammers develop technological systems to order services online and then issue chargebacks claiming their transaction was fraudulent. This is a significant challenge that can negatively impact brand equity and lead to economic losses.

As a result, IPS has developed a system to eliminate these fraudulent acts by implementing tools to identify and prevent fraud, with our chargeback prevention system, we launch a standard audit of payment systems, creating more efficient security solutions, implementing customer validation services and verifying buyer history and other elements to ensure a simple payment system that will provide customers with a transparent, secure and fast transaction experience.

“We are confident in our range of financial services because we know the industry like no one else does. As the payments industry evolves, we use our spirit of innovation to help people and businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, challenge their status quo. We make sure every business is at the forefront of transaction processing. We want you to focus on your work while we take care of your Visa / Mastercard processing for you, ”the company spokesperson said.

“IPS is one of the leading providers of payment solutions in Turkey, Canada and the United States of America. We process secure payments for thousands of happy customers. The mission of the international payment solution is to facilitate a payment solution to help businesses grow. We provide the best solutions and the most reliable payment processing services for our customers.


IPS is a North American merchant processing and technology company building an economic infrastructure for businesses of all stages and sizes. As a company that facilitates online payment procedures, it is strongly committed to investing in human resources and innovative technological solutions to ensure first-class transaction processing. Think about a secure payment solution; think IPS!

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