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Guidance has been issued by the Department for Work and Pensions on how claimants switching to Universal Credit will be affected. The final stage of the rollout began this week in Northumberland, with applicants due to receive a migration notification letter.

People can also choose to change voluntarily or they will be naturally migrated if the situation changes, such as changes in their job or moving to a new address.

Some will see an increase in their benefit payments as they transition to Universal Credit while others will receive the same amount.

Anyone who gets a reduced payment will be kept at the same level under the ‘transitional protection’ policy to avoid a sudden drop in income for struggling Britons.

This is only available to people who have received the letter from the DWP and claim before the deadline stated in the letter.


The DWP said 1.4 million people are getting an increase of some £220 in their payments.

Once a person requests to upgrade to Universal Credit, they cannot return to their previous benefits.

According to figures from the DWP, more than a million Britons are deprived of universal credit despite their eligibility.

In April, benefit payments were increased by 3.1%, in line with last year’s rate of consumer price index (CPI) inflation.

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Elaine R. Knight