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Chidiebube J Nwogu

Amidst the tedious daily experience of many travelers, especially Nigerians, struggling to make reservations, an internationally renowned security travel agency has updated its app and website which now offers options for more affordable flights.

This is after a Nigerian software wizard, Chidiebube J Nwogu, based in the United States of America, dug deeper and created an API and website, migrated the agency’s website and application from the Amadeus server to the NASA-deployed server host known as Cloudfare.

The ingenious result which has now brought a seamless technological touch, offers Nigerians access to cheaper flights and the ability to pay via their naira Mastercard or Visacard, with no forex credit limit.

In recent times, access to forex has become increasingly difficult due to the spreads between the world’s top-rated currencies.
But with the update of the Safety Travels app, paying with naira without necessarily looking for other options now makes life easier for travelers to any part of the world from Nigeria.

Giving more information, the Managing Director of Safety Travels, Ms Uchenna Nwogu said, “The updated website and app improves global transactions in all G7 currencies and Naira, including allowing Nigerians to buy air tickets at the CBN rate of N480 for one dollar. This is only available for flight tickets from Nigeria. Users in other catchment areas can pay in other forex currencies.

“The update follows developer Chidiebube J Nwogu’s observation of the challenges of the platform hosted on Amazon’s website which is having problems meeting the needs of its West African customers, its dominant market. Nwogu then created an API and website for the agency, and migrated the agency’s website and application from the Amadeus server to the NASA-deployed server host, Cloudfare.

“Airlines operate on the GDS system. In Nigeria, each agency and each airline operates 80% on the Amadeus and Gallevios system (the GDS points). What you see on BA is what you see on Amadeus. This is what all travel agencies see on IATA.

“When we launched the app last year, we were using the Permalex API. Now we’ve created our own API that even BA can buy from us, and any bank selling APIs can integrate with it.

She said the updated website is fully functional and the app can be accessed on Google Playstore and IOS App Store.

Working with the most secure server host, Cloudfare, the agency assures its global users of secure card payments as it has successfully passed the UK exam and rigorous acceptance process for Stripe Payment to become a global platform with a 95% rating on the Google page for speed, security, and accessibility.

The app’s other unique selling points include providing seating, check-in, and visa provision services. It will further allow users to navigate the COVID 19 procedures applicable to their intended destinations.

Many users who continued to share their experiences rated the app as user-friendly; as they are able to book their flights, make their payments and get their tickets which relieves them from the hassle of traveling flight price varieties at different rates and increased fares.

The agency’s chief executive, Mr. Agufuroye Joseph, said a tremendous support system has already been put in place so that everyone can reach out if there is a complaint.

Safety travels, based in Nigeria and the UK, is a subsidiary of Liet nuel which was incorporated in 1986 with the late chef Mrs Fanny Nwogu as the founding Chief Executive Officer.

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Elaine R. Knight