How can e-commerce businesses benefit from Zaakpay payment gateway and payment links?

India between 2020 and 2021 has seen a 77% increase in e-commerce transactions in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities according to research studies. By 2030, India is expected to reach US$350 billion in the e-commerce market. Hence, it is clear that Indian e-commerce businesses are growing rapidly and shaping the future of various industries.

Every online merchant needs a smooth and user-friendly payment interface for their customers to receive revenue. Since revenue is an important part of growing any business, choosing a payment gateway or payment link provider is a crucial task. Every online business wants a reliable and less complicated provider.

Zaakpay is a payment gateway service platform in India that provides a competitive edge to every e-commerce website whether small, medium or large to run the business and collect money in a very practice. Zaakpay offers a variety of products including payment gateways, payment links, and merchants have access to over 100 payment options such as credit/debit card, UPI payments, QR code payments, online banking, wallets, etc. Before jumping on the huge advantages of Zaakpay payment gateway and payment links in an e-commerce business, we must first understand how they work.

How does the Zaakpay payment gateway work?

The Zaakpay payment gateway is one of the company’s main products. It’s a three-step model that works in both mobile apps and websites. It starts with verification and notification and ends with authorization. A customer can easily choose from different payment options through these three steps and pay securely.

How do Zaakpay payment links work?

The payment link is also a three-step feature through which you can get the funds from your merchant account hassle-free. At first, you need to create payment links using Zaakpay’s payment dashboard, or you can also opt for API (application programming interface). Second, the links you create should be sent to the customer via email, SMS, or other messaging apps. Once the customer receives the links, they are directed to the payment gateway page to complete the money transfer. Both you and your client will receive real-time updates for every transaction made.

Why choose Zaakpay?

There are various benefits of using Zaakpay’s payment gateway and payment links as your payment processing system. Typically, benefits will include:

  • Security measures– Through Zaakpay’s payment gateway, the cardholder or buyer can perform a secure transaction flow as it complies with security standards such as PCI DSS (Payment card Industry Data Security Standard). Thus, to protect credit card data, Zaakpay provides security for credit/debit card transactions. Zaakpay ensures that customer data is securely encrypted and fraud-free.

  • Relaxation of complex methods– Zaakpay’s easy payment option will help you increase your income. It is often observed that 40% of online purchases contribute to overall impulse buying. This happens when the customer has a less complex payment method to complete the transaction. Thanks to Zaakpay payment links, a transaction is completed in 2-3 seconds without causing any hassle for buyers.

  • 24/7 update with fintech– If you want to improve or strengthen your brand loyalty and remove any sense of doubt in the minds of your customers, you should consider Zaakpay as your payment processor. Payment links allow you to experience the latest advances in financial technology, which is directly proportional to brand loyalty. Zaakpay’s payment link is also SSL encrypted, and therefore your data is safe and secure

  • Invisible and transparent payments– In accordance with the latest high-tech solutions, your customers can avoid putting their details to make the payment. Zaakpay’s products provide you with automatic e-wallets where you can collect money from your customer, who fills in much of the information.

  • Benefits for all kinds of industries– Zaakpay’s smart payment link works across all types of industries such as retail, B2B, financial services, education, self-employment, and insurance. Collecting payments manually in retail businesses is complex; so Zaakpay, with its payment gateway and link service, helps you avoid the hassle. On the other hand, you can also take bulk orders without delay when collecting payment, either through its payment link or by scanning a QR code in the B2B marketplace.

  • Maintain online payment records– In the past, traders kept records in a manual or third-party software. However, with Zaakpay payment products, you don’t need to do either and reduce redundancy. The risk of errors is reduced when you use Zaakpay because it keeps all your payment records with a high level of transparency and confidentiality.

Payment gateways and payment links are the keys to securing transactions that have never been so convenient in early business models. Since almost all businesses, whether small, medium or large, are adapting to online platforms to sell their products and services. Zaakpay is a trusted service provider all over India.

There are many other benefits such as fraud prevention, recurring billing, chargeback prevention that Zaakpay offers its customers. Zaakpay’s payment gateway is PCI DSS compliant, and its payment link is also SSL encrypted. Therefore, your data is safe with Zaakpay. Many aspiring entrepreneurs who are getting into online business building and branding can come with Zaakpay and grow hand in hand.

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Elaine R. Knight