GrubTech and Paymob team up to disrupt Egypt’s F&B payment ecosystem

Cairo, Egypt – Fast-growing startups GrubTech and Paymob have signed a partnership agreement that will pave the way for thousands of restaurants, cafes and cloud kitchens in Egypt to modernize their operations and efficiently manage their payment systems.

Recently signed at Cafex, a premier B2B event for the restaurant and cafe industry, the partnership consolidates the strength of GrubTech’s industry-leading plug & play operating system with Paymob’s expertise in the digital payment. It should help digitize the Egyptian F&B ecosystem, making it easier for operators to set up and operate with an all-in-one solution.

The GrubTech and Paymob collaboration features two highly successful local startups that share the same DNA and have helped fuel digital transformation in the Middle East. GrubTech has delivered key operational benefits to restaurant and cloud kitchen operators in 17 key markets around the world, just two years after its launch. Its entry into Egypt and its partnership with Paymob will usher in a new era of digital transformation in the industry.

“We saw the chaos in the kitchen and solved it using our all-in-one platform. Restaurants that used to struggle with fragmented solutions and had to tackle the burden of managing multiple vendors and disjointed data, are now experiencing a massive shift in operational efficiency and increased sales. And it will only get better if we combine it with Paymob’s expertise in digital payment solutions,” said Mohamed Al Fayed, co-founder and CEO of GrubTech.

An integrated payment solution will not only benefit restaurateurs, café owners and cloud kitchen operators, but above all, consumers. A recent survey by Visa shows that 85% of Egyptians are less likely to use cash for delivery payments. The change is not only driven by convenience, as another study this time by Mastercard indicates that 3 out of 4 Egyptian consumers prefer digital methods these days because it saves them money.

As one of Egypt’s leading fintech companies, Paymob has enabled merchants from a wide range of industries to grow their business using multiple digital payment methods such as online payments, mobile wallets and installments, among others. Created in 2015, the startup was one of the first to digitize the payment ecosystem in Egypt.

“We are very pleased to partner with the expertise of Grubtech, redefining traditional payment reconciliation standards for the F&B industry by offering a bundled solution that seamlessly manages restaurant operations and payments from one platform. -unique shape.” said Islam Shawky, co-founder and CEO of Paymob.

Cafes, restaurants and cloud kitchens across Egypt that use GrubTech’s POS and restaurant management system will be automatically registered with Paymob, an approved payment provider in the country, enabling consumer card payments made at the GrubTech point of sale to be processed by Paymob.

GrubTech has raised over $18 million from reputable venture capital investors, underscoring continued investor confidence and growing market position. The partnership is strategically positioned to span the entire country with a combined sales force that should drive widespread adoption.


About Grub Tech

GrubTech is an intuitive, end-to-end operating system for restaurants and cloud kitchens. This all-in-one solution streamlines day-to-day operations with tools and features like omnichannel point of sale, inventory management, native integrations with food delivery apps, interactive kitchen display system, multi-brand menu and revenue management, business and operational reporting and analytics, advanced marketing capabilities, customer management portal, and more.

About Paymob

Paymob, the leading financial solutions provider, was established in 2015 and offers its integrated infrastructure solutions to digitize the payment ecosystem. Paymob aims to contribute to the financial inclusion movement, while targeting economic growth by enabling merchants, through payment facilitation, to grow their business using multiple digital payment methods such as online payments, mobile wallets , installments and more.

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