Google allows some apps to use their own payment systems in a bid to quell antitrust fury | Robins Kaplan LLP

Under growing antitrust scrutiny, Google announced on Wednesday that it would allow certain apps “to offer their own billing system in the Google Play store as part of a pilot program.” The move, affecting Spotify and others, comes as Google and Apple “face complaints from regulators and developers that they are abusing their dominance in mobile software to force companies to use their proprietary billing methods” – NYTimes and WSJ and TechCrunch

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pushed the package on recent buzz in Europe suggesting the bloc boycotts all Russian oil and gas, conceding his country has “become dependent on Russia for its energy” and predicting “serious economic consequences and social” – including the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs – if the EU goes ahead with this dramatic step – NYTimes

Yet the (mostly) global effort to cut ties with Russia is impacting the country, even in its powerful energy sector – WSJ

Amazon workers in the New York area are expected to begin voting in the coming weeks as part of an effort “to become the first group of Amazon employees to unionize in the United States.” They are doing it, however, “without the backing of a major union, an uncommon tactic, but one that organizers say will win workers’ support” – WSJ and NYTimes

The big bond sell-off of 2022 largely continued this week, even as Treasuries ‘staged a small rally’ on Wednesday after ‘unprecedented losses ahead of monetary policy tightening to rein in inflation’ -Bloomberg

Checking in on MacKenzie Scott’s progress on her 2019 pledge to “give it all away.” In short, she does a good job. According to the latest estimates of his “publicly announced giveaways since 2020,” Scott has distributed “more than $12 billion to nonprofits,” including nearly $4 billion to 465 nonprofits over the past few years. Last 9 months only – NYTimes and Bloomberg and WSJ

Shareholders of Japanese conglomerate Toshiba Corp. “rejected a management plan to split the company into two parts, reflecting strong opposition from foreign shareholders, some of whom want the company to be auctioned off to the highest bidder”, pointing to a rift between the management of the growing company and foreign investors for years – WSJ

More trade news today, as the Biden administration eases tariffs imposed by its predecessors on certain products imported from China, including those “that could not be obtained elsewhere” – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

Groups of Disney employees at company theme parks and some offices walked off work this week to protest “what they described as the company’s continued failure to support the LGBT employees” following CEO Bob Chapek’s belated public stance on a controversial Florida education bill, “which many employees say targeted the LGBT community” – WSJ

Chrysler and Jeep parent company Stellantis will partner with LG Energy Solution to invest $4.1 billion in a new electric vehicle battery plant in Windsor, Ontario, to “provide the critical components for a line of electric Jeeps and other trucks the automaker aims to introduce over the next few years” – NYTimes

Fascinating New Yorker article on the rise of the Montessori model (and how they went astray) – NewYorker

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