Google AdSense error “Payment account has been cancelled”


Google AdSense allows publishers to monetize their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to websites based on their content and traffic.

Publishers retain control over the ads displayed on their sites, as they can customize their placement, block ads, and determine which type best represents their site.

Google AdSense “payment account has been cancelled”

However, many YouTube creators have received an email stating that their “Google AdSense payment account has been cancelled” (1,2,3,4,5).

This issue caused panic among creators as the reason for their account termination was not specified in the email itself.

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But don’t panic, this is a planned change as Google recently separated YouTube AdSense and Google AdSense.

YouTubers will now have a new homepage where they can see their earnings separately from Google AdSense which most other publishers use.

Also, Google went a step further and canceled the Google AdSense payment account for people who only earn through YouTube. These people will get their AdSense information from the dedicated YouTube AdSense account.

YouTubers don’t have to do anything as their Google AdSense account has just been moved to YouTube AdSense as part of the new change.

Canceled payment account Does this mean that I will no longer receive money from YouTube? I have reached more than the threshold, so I am very confused as to why I received this email. PLEASE HELP

@TeamYouTube I received an email saying that my Google AdSense payment account has been cancelled. The account number in the email matches mine. I did not cancel this account. I logged into my account and I don’t see anything wrong.

In February, YouTube announced a simplified AdSense experience for creators.

After the update, YouTube creators will receive an email notifying them that their Google AdSense account has been terminated “AdSense Payments Account for Publishers” which was still associated with their AdSense account.

Recognized problem

A Google community manager on the official community forum clarified this issue and said it’s part of the new payment UI:

Youtube Moderator

Similarly, Rob (YouTub Community Manager) assured creators that their channel monetization will remain active and not affect it:

Hello creators!
You may have received an email from Google AdSense stating that one of your payment accounts has been cancelled. To clarify, your YouTube payment account and channel monetization remain active; no changes have been made!

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