French Minister Jean-Noël Barrot hails Indian technology and UPI payment method

By Ayushi Agarwal, French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, who arrived in India on Friday, hailed Indian technology and Indian payment method UPI and said India and France are collaborating for ages in the technological field, adding that the two countries can learn more from each other.

The French minister arrived in India to participate in the third edition of the “No Money for Terror” conference which is organized in the national capital on November 18 and 19. “France and India are great scientific nations that have been collaborating for ages in the field of space, mathematics and more generally technology. I am very happy to be here at IIIT, a very beautiful partnership has put in place between the university and the French university. It is very useful and it is an example of what more we could do between our two countries. There are many things that we can learn from one on the other, we are very impressed with what has been achieved in India with Indian technology and UPI… And I’m sure there are a lot of things that Indian researchers and companies can learn too of what we have achieved in recent years in France to develop entrepreneurship and innovation,” the minister told ANI.

Asked about India’s G20 Presidency and what scope France would like to discuss regarding digital infrastructure and digital transformation, the minister said the country would like to focus on “training tech talent” and “open infrastructure” which is a common vision of the two countries. “I think we want to talk about things like talent, tech talent training which is an issue around the world…another is open infrastructure. I think that’s a common vision that we have in India and France,” said the minister.

“It’s great that India hosted the ‘No Money for Terror’ conference this year after Australia and France. We were delighted to see that there is strong commitment at Prime Minister level. Mr . Modi opened the conference this morning to address this issue. . This initiative is one of many that President Macron has launched to fight terrorism and it was recognized this morning as one of the most effective ways to Achieving this is perhaps to tackle terrorist financing, an area where we see new forms of financing emerging that call for innovative ways to combat terrorist financing. So, I am very confident that during these two summit days, conclusions will be found and proposals will be made to fight terrorism more effectively and collectively,” the Minister added. ation Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi), Minister Barrot also discussed the importance of technological innovation in Indo-French ties and technological opportunities in France for Indian students, researchers and companies. .

“France is opening up its higher education and research system to talented scientific and innovative minds from around the world in order to reach the goal of welcoming and training 500,000 international students by 2025. 400,000 are already there and the number of Indian students would then be, according to President Emmanuel Macron’s vision, 20,000,” the minister specified. Talking about the India – France space collaboration, the minister gave the example of Jacques Blamont (founder of the scientific and technical director of the French Space Agency (CNES) and Vikram Sarabhai (the father of the Indian space program).

“India plays a special role: indeed, scientific exchanges between our two countries began centuries ago, and in the history of exchanges, science and technology have become one of the strongest ties. and the most lasting between France and India. Find out how Jacques Blamont and Vikram Sarabhai collaborated and contributed to the creation of ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization. This fruitful collaboration and the strong friendship between the two men are still active today between our respective national space agencies,” he said. Previously, Minister Barrot also met India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, and discussed how France and India can jointly develop the technologies of the future, serving the progress, sustainability and digital sovereignty of our two nations (ANI)

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