FPC, Idex, Crédit Agricole make progress on issuing biometric payment cards

Steps towards mass adoption of biometric payment cards can be seen in new approval for cards made with fingerprint card technology, and French bank Credit Agricole de Lorraine has begun rolling out biometric debit cards deferred Gold Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard. Idex Biometrics has partnered with Verisoft to accelerate the adoption of biometric smart cards, and FPC also published an interview with Head of Payments and Access Michel Roig providing insight into consumer preferences for payment types .

Mastercard Approved Fingerprint Card Manufacturing Partner

Japanese company MoriX has had its biometric payment card approved by fingerprint card technology by Mastercard.

Morix and Fingerprint Cards teamed up just under a year ago to integrate the latter’s T-Shape module and software, and Mastercard’s letter of approval sets the cards up for launch in Japan.

“Working with an innovative company like MoriX, we can now produce, deliver and market biometric payment cards with advanced and proven Fingerprints technology,” comments Roig. “The introduction of biometric payment cards in this region offers great benefits for banks, merchants and consumers, as contactless payments in Japan continue to grow rapidly.”

FPC executive discusses card adoption and privacy concerns

Michel Roig opened his interview by highlighting the interest of biometric payment card technology for banks and consumers, particularly in terms of fraud prevention and customer loyalty.

The executive says adoption of biometric cards is on the rise worldwide, with FPC data suggesting that 62% of consumers would switch banks to get a biometric payment card, and 43% would be willing to pay to get one.

Roig then moved on to addressing common privacy issues associated with the adoption of biometric payment cards.

“As with all new technology, there are apprehensions to being an early adopter,” Roig wrote.

“A question that banks often ask is: ‘Where is a consumer’s biometric data stored?’ and “Are fingerprint images stored in the cloud or on-premises by the issuer, creating a privacy and compliance nightmare?” The answer is no’!”

Going forward, the executive said FPC will build on the Mastercard partnership and look at opportunities for expansion in Africa and India.

Roig concluded his position mentioning some of FPC’s recent achievements, including the second-generation T-Shape sensor module and software platform for Mastercard-compliant biometric payment cards, and last year’s partnership with BNP Paribas in France.

Idex Biometrics partners with Verisoft

Idex Biometrics announced a new collaboration with payment software provider Verisoft.

The partnership will see Verisoft commercialize Idex’s biometric payment solutions both in EMEA and globally.

“Idex’s collaboration with Verisoft will bring biometric card solutions to market for issuers and personalization offices at optimized costs and expand our positioning in the ecosystem,” said Catharina Eklof, the company’s CCO.

“We are excited to partner with Verisoft to deliver a holistic and agile approach to biometrics solution standards, ensuring seamless customer payment experiences.”

The move comes weeks after Idex Biometrics joined Infineon’s Security Partner Network as a Preferred Partner.

More recently, the company announced its biometric payment card built with Idemia’s F.Code recently launched in its first commercial deployment by Swedish challenger bank Rocker.

Crédit Agricole de Lorraine launches biometric Mastercards

The French bank has opened applications for a biometric card that will allow customers to authenticate contactless payments above the country’s €50 ($53) contactless transaction limit with their fingerprint.

The biometric cards will be provided through a partnership with Mastercard, which will also provide customers with an enrollment reader once their application has been accepted.

Crédit Agricole banking group started issuing biometric deferred debit cards with technology from FPC and G+D in April 2021.

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