Former Game Tester Will Receive Settlement Payment From Nintendo’s Recruiting Agency


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Update [Thu 13th Oct, 2022 20:00 BST]: Nintendo of America and Clifton both shared statements with Axios earlier today.

Nintendo of America said it was “grateful that a resolution was reached” and would ensure the “company’s work environment remains welcoming and supportive” for all employees. He also added that he wanted employees and workers “not to disclose Nintendo’s confidential business information and trade secrets.”

Clifton tells Axios that their purpose behind the charge was “to show my colleagues at NOA what their rights are and what happens when they choose to exercise them,” and that the terms of the settlement are “exactly what I ‘hoped to see’.

original article [Thu 13th Oct, 2022 15:05 BST]: Following former game tester Mackenzie Clifton’s recent story of their dismissal, recruiting firm Aston Carter has agreed to pay the terminated Nintendo contractor a $25,910.00 settlement. Senior Kotaku reporter Ethan Gach shared the update on Twitter earlier today.

Clifton filed a lawsuit against the recruitment agency and Nintendo of America in April, accusing the companies of union-busting tactics. The settlement agreement, which is viewable by the public and downloadable herespecifies Aston Carter’s damages costs and also stipulates that Nintendo of America shall post a notice in its offices and send a copy of the notice in English to employees.

The notice addresses workers’ rights in North America and states that all employees have the right to join, form, help or support a union and to choose a representative.

Clifton’s recent account claimed that the tester asked NOA President Doug Bowser about unionization in the gaming industry during an online meeting with many other game testers, at which he did not. was not answered directly. The company has been criticized several times this year for its treatment of contract and part-time workers.

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