Fifth Intangible Cultural Heritage Marketplace Successfully Launched Payment Asia Helps Traditional Merchants Transform Online


One-stop experience including performance, workshop and retail

Bringing traditional culture to life in the city center with e-factors

HONG KONG, October 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Hong Kong Culture Festival (HKCF) has successfully launched the fifth edition of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Market in Tai Kwun and Central Market of October 14 to 16. The event on the theme “Connecting intangible cultural heritage to innovation”, celebrates that of Hong Kong unique cultural heritage against the iconic landscape of our city. As a sponsor of this year’s Mart, Payment Asia, an electronic payment solution provider, hopes to provide merchants with online payment methods and help traditional merchants gain more exposure through electronic means.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Guests and Artists

This year, HKCF connects traditional artisans and other ICH practitioners with the new generation through e-commerce channels, bringing new momentum and market opportunities to cultural heritage.

This year, the ICH Mart was presented for the first time as a carnival, with a market and traditional craft workshops, as well as a variety of performing arts, allowing citizens to bring the whole family to participate and discover the pleasure of traditional culture. Payment Asia provides a variety of payment channels for on-site intangible cultural heritage merchants, including QR code payment, POS machine collection and others. The convenient electronic payment platform has attracted many young consumers. It is hoped that by combining traditional intangible cultural heritage with elements of e-commerce, the influence of traditional culture on the new generation will be broadened.

Desmond ChuChief Commercial Officer of Payment Asia, said: “As we find ourselves at the dawn of a new era, it is vitally important for us to learn from the past and maintain the legacy that has made hong kong successful. To preserve cultural heritage in the new era, we must be innovative in how we interact with younger generations and use technology to transmit our culture to the next generation. Payment Asia will continue to support the traditional enterprise to deepen online transformation.”

Kary Leemarketing manager of Payment Asia, said: “hong kong has many intangible cultural heritages with a long history, but they are not so well known to the public. I hope that through this market, more intangible cultural heritages can adapt the digital approach and become sustainable with the help of e-commerce, end up becoming part of people’s lives.”

hong kong will open up to the international public with several upcoming events. ICH Mart would take this chance to revive that of Hong Kong cultural landscape, arouse the new generation’s interest in traditional culture, and integrate traditional culture into modern life. The Mart will create a sustainable environment for ICH through e-commerce, social media and other technologies.

Series of cultural events at ICH Mart

There are over 480 records in the Hong Kong Cultural Heritage Database, covering everything from performing arts to traditional crafts. In addition to the Mart, the organizer offered a series of workshops including Cheongsam, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Flower Plate, Mahjong Tiles, Shadow Puppets, Hakka Unicorns and Dit Da Jow (medicinal wine). The citizens brought their whole family to participate and enjoy the fun of culture during the weekend.

Of October 15 to 16, the audience enjoyed the Hakka unicorn dance, lion dance and kung fu performances at Tai Kwun and the central market. Brands that participated in ICH Mart 2022 include Cammie Chan Cheongsam, INNOTIER and others.

HKCF has hosted the Intangible Cultural Heritage Market since 2016. It is to date the most comprehensive arts and culture festival dedicated to traditional and intangible cultural heritage in the region, with four main focuses: “Visual Arts”, “Arts of show”, “Intangible cultural heritage” and “Culture of martial arts”.

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