FDJ unveils a new payment solution called Nirio


Loterythe French operator of the national lottery, has launched a new payment solution in collaboration with the French confederation of tobacconists. The so-called Nirio solution will help French families pay their bills at designated outlets.

Nirio is fast, confidential and efficient

Nirio allows French people to pay their monthly needs, including water, electricity, gas, rent, etc., in all approved payment hubs. According to the lottery operator, players will be able to use the Nirio app to scan their bills or fines. The app will then generate a QR code which players can then use to pay. After presenting the QR code at one of the authorized payment points, the customer can pay his bills in cash or by credit card. They will receive a receipt confirming their payment.

The new solution effectively eliminates the hassle of transporting a batch of invoices and allows French citizens to keep all their invoice information in one place. In addition, the FDJ recalls that more than six million households in France are reluctant to use direct debit to pay their bills. The new quality of life solution will provide these individuals with a viable and intuitive alternative.

FDJ wants to offer individuals an intuitive payment solution

Raphael Botbol, Director of Strategy, Innovation and New Business at La Française des Jeux, believes that paying bills should be human-centric. According to him, Nirio is a great convenient and quick way for some people to pay their bills. The solution, the director said, primarily targets people who live far from urbanized areas or who don’t want to pay digitally.

Around 10,000 FDJ partners have requested to accept Nirio as a payment solution. The Prudential Control and Resolution Authority has, to date, approved more than half of these requests. One of Nirio’s most notable partners to date is Seqens, a social housing company. As a result, Seqens customers can already use Nirio to pay their rent at designated payment centers.

FDJ is one of the leaders in gambling in France. The company, which dominates the lottery space, recently announced plans to expand into other verticals as well. The French juggernaut plans to acquire the horse racing specialist ZEturf. Negotiations with the latter company are still in their infancy, however.

As a lottery and gaming company, FDJ recognizes the need to also be socially responsible. As a result, the company recently launched the fifth edition of its Heritage Mission, an initiative that raises funds for the restoration of important historic buildings. In the same vein, FDJ has partnered with the Heritage Foundation to donate money for the restoration of YMCA Paris.

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